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  • Fun Puzzle

    posted by fireworks2nite

    This little puzzle is great for children. It's good for hand-eye co-ordination and concentration. With this puzzle you can create your own rules/games. I challenged my daughter to get each of her balls into each number sequentially, in a race. She got smart and kept moving my pieces backwards. Lots of fun.
    I thought the magnets on the stylus would fall off, but they've stayed the distance.Kids love itcan be competitive if you want to, otherwise, just fun.
    I bought this for my Primary school library.Kids love it. A game they can play on their own or with a friend.
  • Nice DIY toy with solar engine

    posted by vmendelis

    Nice DIY toy for all ages.Easy to assemble even without instructions. Solar engine turns the propeller at a slow and relaxing speed so it is not annoying and actually rather relaxing. Cut out quality was surprisingly good. Only a few places needed work, a small sand paper tool included. I painted it so it looks even nicer.
    Should come in a larger box to prevent damage or the main gears should be removed and stored separately .
    Cool toy for any age, would look nice even in office.
  • Useless but great fun!!!

    posted by MartinKoopt

    What can you say about it: just fun to watch this thing going on and on and on (etc) If you buy two you can put them together (takes some skills) and make it even higher. Does not need batteries (of course)Just fun to see that this little thing is already working hard when you wake up!
    Build quality is OK considering the price. May need some filing to maks part fit perfectly. Adding silicon spray to the moving parts makes it run faster/smoother.
    You don't stop playing because you're getting old, but you're getting old because you stop playing.So get one and stay young!
  • worth it

    posted by Jancis

    Though it's glued, quality is good and it looks really good too.It's a real brain teaser, definitely get one for yourself
    if you have solved puzzles like this before, definitely get this one too.
    Despite humble looks, this one is real brain teaser. I picked it up because it's so cheap. Have solved similar before, but because this was in 2 colors and different shapes, thought this one will be too easy to solve. Wrong! :)
  • Great non-kid toy :D

    posted by DanAlucard

    -> really strong magnets for the size-> excellent coating-> awesomely fun toy (not for small children though)
    I use them to exercise my hands after working on the PC for a couple hours, and they are delightfully addictive :DThey have reduced my muscular tiredness after gaming/working.
    A must-buy for any gamer and/or software developer. It can save your hands from several mouse/keyboard induced problems.

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