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earth magnets 100 Customers Reviews

  • Surprisingly strong

    posted by tyunderscore

    • These little magnets are super strong. • They are very light• They are very thin• They don't break when you drop
    I often attach a 3M sticky pad to the wall, then a magnet instead of the plastic 3M hook. This way, I can place metal objects on the wall or pinch non-metallic objects between a set of magnets
    These are amazing.I've ordered many of these from deal extreme and they are all awesome. People always ask where they can get them. I highly recommend them.
  • Great magnets for spending time

    posted by pingtaf

    Fantastic to keep your hands busy while thinking about a problem. I used them a lot at work.Left them available at the corner of my cube and many people stop by to talk with me and start messing up with my magnet sculpture.Great purchase for social talks.
    Post your best pictures of what you managed to build with them!But I still prefer the flat round ones. Those are much stronger to hold heavy stuff on the fridge door.
    Would buy it again without hesitations.
  • Nice product, very strong magnets

    posted by tudorbura

    The size is exactly as DX mentioned it ( 12mm x 1mm )Very strongfrom 100, just one was chipped on a side ( very small crack )Good packaging ( no problems if stored on a metal body )
    Could be cheaper :)Very strong, strength grows when adding more magnetsGood finishing and qualityYou get a lot of magnets :) ( 100 )Can be used for DIY, sticking photos on the fridge, door, etcEasy to break
    Very nice!Very satisfied that just one was slightly damaged, in contrast to other reviews where 2-3-4 were damaged.
  • Great Magnets

    posted by rwinkel

    Very cute magnets are very small. 100 seems a lot, but it is actually not so bad. The whole package together is only 10 cm long. They are very small. But this is also in the description, so that should be no problem. The magnets are very strong, even if you only use one. If you use magnets to each other than they are even stronger. Very fun to play with. You can have fun tricks with it.
    If you really want then I would recommend one size bigger, so you can really know what to stick. Good price and right quality
    Very good price en the right quality
  • whatch out, these things pinch bad time!

    posted by djonah

    They are magnets, so if they attract metal they work.Well...these things are not magnets...these are bad*ss pinchers... don't give them to kids, they could hurt there fingers if they get stuck in between two of these.
    Again, these are not kids toys. If you want magnets for the kids to play with, get the 8mm variant. Those are less powerful and so not as dangerous for injury.
    need strong magnets? look no further. These are the ones you have been looking for!


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