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earth magnets 100 Customers Reviews

  • very strong

    posted by carda

    they have good size, and are very strong magnets, they come weed a good package, the price is good to .
    the order take tree weeks to cam but the important thing are that they are ear .
    good because is hard to find , also is very good magnets .
  • Super Strong Magnets

    posted by darkshadown

    Very strong magnet, better the ferrite magnets. You can use in many stuff, such hold note in metal board, science projets like engine and others.
    Could be cheaper as it was in the recently past. Select better the magnet and package more carefully
    Could have other shapes and others sizes
  • Good and powerful magnets

    posted by kauris

    These are very strong magnets. As they are quite thin, the 100 piece pack is surprisingly compact and small. You can use them in many ways, my main motivation was to make customer fridge magnets, and holding few maps on the wall.Even a tiny piece from a broken plate can hold A4 size paper!
    Very good and strong magnets for your own DIY projects, too thin to really play around, just remember to handle them with care, especially when you have many of them nearby - they are so strong.
  • Magnets

    posted by RoastedChicken

    - Ordered 100 magnets and 100 magnets were recieved
    - Bubblewrapped so they don't get damaged
    - Fun to play with
    - Useful
    - Very strong for their size
    - Good price
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    All fields aded together, your review does not contain more than 500 characters.
    Fun, cheap magnets. Well worth buying. Might buy more later.
  • whatch out, these things pinch bad time!

    posted by djonah

    They are magnets, so if they attract metal they work.Well...these things are not magnets...these are bad*ss pinchers... don't give them to kids, they could hurt there fingers if they get stuck in between two of these.
    Again, these are not kids toys. If you want magnets for the kids to play with, get the 8mm variant. Those are less powerful and so not as dangerous for injury.
    need strong magnets? look no further. These are the ones you have been looking for!


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