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earplug noise isolation

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earplug noise isolation Customers Reviews

  • Ideal to sleep next to a snorer!

    posted by voskovek

    - Very good isolation;
    - Easy to use;
    - The straps are a good add-on for those who fear sticking something deep into their ears.
    - They go back to original shape after use, so you can reuse them a couple more times.
    Not to be re-used a lot of times, since they start getting dirty. Fortunately, they're cheap enough to let you buy 5 pairs or even more if you use them often.
    While they actually don't isolate 100%, they're extremely useful for situations such us: sleeping next to someone who snores, or next to a crying baby (I found them really usefull when I travelled across Russia by train, those are long journeys and you find all kinds of noisy passengers along the way).
    I sometimes use them in my own room, since my room faces the street, and heavy traffic starts early in the morning
  • Comfortable and efficient

    posted by Guidje

    - It's very comfortable;
    - Really works, it's isolate the external noise very efficiently;
    - Good finishing.
    By any means, it does the job! I bought this to helping me in studying, cause where I live the surroundings are very noisy (dogs barking, people singing, children running, playing and screaming, cars coming and going on a brick road... It's the hell on earth!! =)
    I'm pretty satisfied with this. It really could be a little less expensive, but next time I think I will bought more of this and the price then should fit better.
  • Excellent product

    posted by Neitanod

    Works fine. Really useful. The price is OK.
    Now I can sleep without been waken up but my noisy neighbours. This earplugs really make the noise disappear.
    Anyway, I cut the strap off, leaving just enough of it to take off the plugs from my ears. That's how I like to use them, so everything is fine.
    This is how I use them: I gently press on the plug, and roll it with my fingers until it's really thin. Then I put it inside an ear and wait for it a few seconds to inflate again. This way it covers the ear completely, blocking all the noise.
    I'd recommend this product anytime. I bought 3 of them, and I'm glad. They really isolate me from any kind of noise.
  • Nice Stuff

    posted by irene123456

    Earplugs are just earplugs. To me, the only way to rate it is only its aesthetical value, because I am a very fashion-conscious person. So since the colouring is red, I LOVE it! :D
    Just an idea; maybe someone could start producing earplugs with transparent case for a longer-term more-hygienic storage. It could serve as a good starter kit for beginners.
    Great deal. I love the free shipping, so I bought like 6 pairs of earplugs, plus a thermometer clock. Thank You, DealExtreme.
    I will buy again soon.
  • A Good Deal For Hearing Protection

    posted by Krizalid

    Inexpensive, and reasonably effective hearing protection. The memory-foam fits comfortably, and they're easy to remove. I keep this in my survival pack, just in case.
    These are my backup to my backup hearing protection. I've tested 'em out at the firing range, and found they were comparable to the $3 pair at the pharmacy.
    A good value, if you need simple but effective hearing protection.

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