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earphone mp3 3.5mm

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earphone mp3 3.5mm Customers Reviews

  • Great wooden set

    posted by alexxni

    Very nicely package, for start. The package includes many different sizes of rubber earpieces. The cable is not rubber, very easy to untangle even if it gets tangled. The earpiece itself is real wood, I guess this contributes to the awesome sound quality. These are really loud, but pleasant at the same time. I am very satisfied.
    Considering the price, these are my favorite earphones ever! The cable is covered in fabric, wood makes it sound good, the bass is nice..
    I thought you could not buy any quality for this money, but I was wrong. these are the best I have ever used.. I am not an audiofile, but my impression is WOW
  • Clear sound, nice fit

    posted by boudewijn123

    - Clear and detailed sound. - They fit nicely on my ears. - Cheap- Nice bass sound.- Great sound stage.- Lightweight.- Plug fits all the devices i have. - Ear clip is very strong and sturdy.
    Pretty good headphones, good fit, cheap. Comfortable even after long use. We will see how long they will hold daily use and wear. First thing that will give in is the cable i think.
    Surprisingly good for its prize. Nice headphones and good sound, what else to say.
  • Good price = Good sound + budget price

    posted by ericdkc2

    At this price , excellent value with detailed sound.Bass is superb and tight with reccessed mid and very bright treble...little bit of eq to tone down the treble is recommended. Sound signature will not be suitable for every type of music but for me ..very suitable for soothing soft music
    Contacted DX customer service and was given store credit as redund. Excellent customer service and hoping that DX staff has more stringent quality control from their supplier which will give more confident to customers buying from you.
    Will buy again from DX and this earphone again. A this price ...this earphone will rival earphone that cost much more than USD20+
  • JBM MJ800 Earphones, been using them pretty much week now

    posted by Lokkii1

    + Extremely good looking+ Cable is good quality+ includes nice PU leather bag what is also very good quality and it's hard so it stays in it's form+ couple earbuds included, i've got black and white ones+ long cable+ comes in good package
    nice looking earphones with cheap price, i'll take it and keep those for a while, maybe getting new ones later or use those until they break
    yeah, nothing to add
  • Pink In Canal Earphones

    posted by Baines93

    CheapPink - For my sister

    A bit worse than CX300 SQ but cost alot less.

    CX300 tips do fit, but angle isnt quite right, they are black too.

    Plan on selling my CX300's so dont want to give the tips away!
    Cheap, strong, but muddy bass...

    If you dont have a favourite sound type eg. lots of treble, less bass, these are for you!

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