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earphone cable organizer

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase earphone cable organizer here and you can save money at the same time. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

earphone cable organizer Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product! Love it!

    posted by drenka

    Great material. Cute design and lovely color.This product is made of high quality silicone.The cables get inside very easy and it is easy to get them out when you need to use them.
    Everyone should get it. Great for organisation and storing your earphone cables.I am thinking of getting more of this for different cables.
    Would recommend it to everyone. You get nice design and convenient product for storing cables.The size is very small and it is perfect for my bag.It is cute as a button :)
  • Handy litlle item

    posted by PatriqB

    Practical and easy for a quick storage of your earphone. Two entry points for the cable/contact end makes it easy to slot in the cable.
    On some occasion one would actually want part of the earphone to stay outside the winder. And for those purposes it is really great.
    Ok product. Just be aware of the capacity in relation to most standard earphones.
  • nice winder

    posted by Miniromi

    The product is what you see in the web page. The green button is very nice. The quality of the silicone is very good. You can wind the cord of your earphones to make it shorter. Great for keeping your wires tidy.
    The center could be a little bigger, so it is not necessary to wind the cord so tightly.
    Nice product, great for a little present. If you have to give little things to many people for christmas, this is a fun, inexpensive idea.
  • A life saver with a busy workstation...

    posted by logozo

    Hard to find in regular electronics retail stores (and the places I found were selling those for outrageous prices). They are, nevertheless, a life saver when you have many cables behind a computer desk like me. Also great when you have to unplug and replug things frequently - it prevents the cables to fall and need to fish for them!Also nice to organize phone wires, speakers or headphones wires, or to wind blind guide ropes.
    Works great!
    Recommended - buy one or two packs before they don't make them anymore!

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