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earphone 3.5mm noise

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earphone 3.5mm noise Customers Reviews

  • They work, they fit and they're cute - but orange

    posted by vevaliyah

    - packing is really good - the pink box comes in a good quality plastic packing
    - you get spare buds
    - sound quality is fine
    I had some trouble opening the pink box - actually you have to open the bottom, which you don't see on first glimpse.
    It's quite annoying to put them back in, but I wanted the earphones, not the box, so that's fine.
    Give them a try, they're fun!
  • OK headset but there's better

    posted by Charger244

    Price is great but they're not the best heasphones...
    These headphones do not provide a sound as good as SKU 23242 and they are bigger in size. Get SKU 23243 instead!
    Decent headset for the price but SKU 23243 is better in my opinion.
  • excellent headset

    posted by esqueleto2002

    Very well built and showing fidelity. This phone is proof that any product deals are not always bad. It has a very good insulation, allowing listening to music at low volume, because it minimizes the interference noise caused by the external environment.
    Muito bem construído e apresentando fidelidade sonora. Este fone é a prova de que nem sempre podutos baratos são ruins. Possui uma isolação muito boa, permitindo escutar a música em volume baixo, pois minimiza a interferência sonora causada pelo ambiente externo.
    if you want a quality phone and do not want to pay much for it, this is the correct option.
    se você quer um fone de qualidade e não quer pagar muito por isso, esta é a opção correta.
    Buy this product again.
    Compraria novamente este produto.
  • great looking earphones for a great price

    posted by cryptezz

    -cool looking design-will attract attention-very loud
    -great colour but not such a good sound
    Definitely buy it if you buy it, like me, for decoration and appearance purposesif not, go rather for SKU: 3272 . There its more about sound and less about design. It is up to you.Other than that, this pair of headphones is great. Just buy it if you want to impress anyone. Girls like it in particular.
  • iPhonev1 not compatible

    posted by Kimko

    - Good sound
    - Comfortable earbuds
    - Just long enough for my use (goes from my ear to my backpack)
    - The noise cancellation is not superb, but it is still useful in noisy areas, like a metro.
    I had to do a choice between those earphones and some others models to use with my iPhone. As you might know, the iPhone has a different earphones plug. Compatible earphones need to have a long plug to fit into it. It is not the case for those ones.
    Pretty good earphones for the price, but useless with an iPhone.


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