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  • Excellent Pretty Stuff

    posted by irene123456

    I LOVE the pretty colouring of white combinations. It lets you see if it's still clean after many nights of using it to sleep.
    Excellent Brilliant idea supplying this product in such white-combination pretty colours instead of the boring dull orange/yellow/red stuff you usually get. This product is the best!
    This is the best product, better than SKU 27314 (Which I've also reviewed).
    Absolutely gorgeous colours. I got white-green combination instead of the white-pink one that I wanted at first, but after seeing this one physically in my hands, the green ones are very unique, outstanding and absolutely PRETTY too!
    I can't say for the clinically-tested scientific effectiveness in blocking noises, but to MY personal view it should be rated as 99% effective because I have extra sensitive hearing and I can hear sounds that ordinary people can't (which is why I can't sleep without earplugs), and this earplug works well to me.
    No other thoughts, I love this product.
    THANK YOU DEALEXTREME FOR SUPPLYING THIS PRODUCT!!!!! Please keep on supplying it, forever, it's very important to a customer like me.
    If you use earplugs, of any brand at all, any brand, always remember to keep your ears clean before putting it in, and remember to store it in a clean hygienic place inside your drawer so you won't lose it.
    Of course it can be a great idea too if DealExtreme can sell one starter kit with tiny almost transparent container. That way I can also put aromatherapy cotton inside for a more flirtatious fragrant storage.
  • A simple, but good, earphone!

    posted by masterfocus

    Really cheap earphone;The cable is really big;The sound quality is pretty good;It comes with extra earbuds in case you lose the ones it comes at your earphone.
    Nothing to say here.
    It's a great (and cheap) earphone, I guess you won't regret to buy it. It's cable is big and the sound quality is pretty good. Buy a couple of them (I bought 3 and I give 1 to a friend of mine) and be ready if your actual earphone brokes... Overall, it's a very good purchase! :)
  • Ear plug - nice, qvuiet nights :)

    posted by Muzzyka

    - good material- used every night- long life durability- very comfortable- nice color variation / I don't like orange colour :D- my father using this at home too, when he works with chain saw, or circular saw (high noise work)
    I am very bad sleeper, I had to use earplugs in my ear whole night to sleep well. With this Ear plug I sleep well all night. I am sure that I will buy more of this.
    Could recommend to everybody, who have difficulties with sleeping. This makes life easier, believe me :)
  • Nice headphones

    posted by DigitumDei

    The sound is good, not excellent, but definitely good. For the price I have no complaint. The cord is long enough, and the build quality seems good.
    I run with these all the time, and they have given absolutely no trouble, with good sound. If anything the noise cancellation is almost too good as I can't hear cars approaching.
    A good buy, I would buy them again without a doubt.
  • Very nice

    posted by antOOnRus

    - Isolate sound much better than the ones I once bought in pharmacy.- Also they perfectly return to original shape after use.- Very soft, which makes using them very comfortable and easy.- Nice colors.- Can be easily washed.
    I don't know why the put a thread between the plugs. To pull them out? Not to lose them? As for me I am always afraid to get choked by this thread while sleeping.
    Very nice thing. Helps to isolate you from noisy neighbours on a Saturday morning.

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