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Purchase the latest e27 white spotlight with wonderful pricing At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

e27 white spotlight Customers Reviews

  • Nice & compact

    posted by flashingblue

    + Compact format+ Feels sturdy, I don't expect any quality issues+ Fast response, no flourescent-light sluggishness
    I bought another LED light from DX in the same order, rated 450-500 lumen. That lamp is MUCH brighter (also it's 6W versus this one @ 3.6W). I can't make any scientific claims here, but in my opinion 420 lumen here is slightly optimistic.
    I'm using this as desk / reading light, and I'll order another soon. It's not optimal above the desk though, due to the LED lights being more directional. It's still better than the fluorescent energy-saver lightbulb I had before though.
  • Cheap and simply Lightbulb

    posted by Radast

    It is cheap and fairly glowing bulb, which is approximately the same size as normal. 24 SMD LED is giving relatively strong white light that enough shine good in small and medium rooms. The design is simple.
    After approx. half year of repair this bulb is still work.
  • Very strong lighting

    posted by sarquez

    This is a great spot light, really lights up the room, in my case I've used 4 of these in each corner of the room.
    I got one damaged, but as always informed DX and in about 10 days received a new one... I got one damaged, but as always informed DX and in about 10 days received a new one...
    I got one damaged, but as always informed DX and in about 10 days received a new one... Besides this small trouble, the product just works awesome!
  • Great replacement for GE #20641 halogen curio bulbs!

    posted by itsnorm

    Very compact design, bright light, minimal heat, dimmable (in my specific unit, anyway)
    These light bulbs are a perfect replacement for "GE Lighting 20641 35-Watt Halogen Curio Lamp MR16". We installed two of these into an exhaust fan over our kitchen stove. Having a precise fit was important because of the way the exhaust unit was built. This worked great! (Full disclosure: I had to slightly pull on the center contact in the socket to make it stick out more and make contact with this bulb. This is probably only needed for my particular application.) Our exhaust fan unit has an electronic two-level dimmer, and both settings work great with these bulbs!
    For the same price as the heat-generating halogen incandescent bulb, we are now getting great light above our stove with minimal electricity usage.
  • Good cold white bulb

    posted by eltioquecompra

    I ordered, this bulb like a gift with others items with DEALEXTREME POINTS, so I am really glad to receive it an it works properly as it is described. Be careful to not hit it, and it is a litle small and good some places, I has 3 LED cold white and works perfectly, and over 3 wats really good for the light it gives.
    Grateful! another time full service is awesome. Thank you dealextreme for doing it posible . Hope more boughts like that
    I will recommend for theses who likes LED ilumination and not pay so much in wats!


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