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e27 white light

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e27 white light Customers Reviews

  • The light is more of cold white, not warm.

    posted by gmihaylov

    The bulb is cheap and its light is as described in terms of lumen. It is easy to use, has good design so that it would not overheat even for long term use.
    Good build quality, aluminum casing to prevent overheat. It is small, so it can fit most closed light casings (for example in baths or closets).
    Good for money, except if you are really fan of warm light (yellowish light)
  • Good device, but not very bright

    posted by fb2010

    For my opinion, this device provides an agreable light, but no very bright (like a 60 W incandescent bulb). It is solidly built, with a good heat spreader. It fits perfectly on E27. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that the light is very directional, although care must be taken to end looking toward where you want. The light is warm and makes it suitable for bedrooms, etc.
    Nothing special. There has been no problem. The ligth-on is immediate.
    Good device if you want an energy saving bulb, like a 60 w incandescent lamp.
  • gogo

    posted by batkogogo

    Light 7 watts = 11 watts fluorescent lamp economical.Body alminiy good workmanship 100%.Allows better focus wide-angle rotation.Looks good stylish lamp.
    Manufacturer may need to reflect on what tempperaturata reduce, increase cooling.
    I bought three pieces, there is a discount that is good.Good purchase, just worried temperature, I do not know whether it is normal.If you work long'll buy a few more pieces.
  • Interesting product, but may not fit all needs

    posted by vag_de_marrs

    - The best point is that I measured the power consumption : it's using exactly 7,5W to shine, and it is as bright as a 15-20W energy saving light ... Thus, the economy you will make to light a room is real !
    - The other excellent point is that when you turn the light on, it's delivering it's full power right at the beginning, there is no "heat up" time like most of the "energy saving bulbs"
    - The build quality is OK ... it's plastic, and not really beautiful to see, but who cares assuming it's enlightening a room ?
    - I think that this light is not good for a living room or a bedroom because the light color gives people a strange feeling (something not natural), but it's just perfect for outdoor use or rooms where you don't spend too much time, like a cave or toilets or a bathroom etc
    Due to the really low power-consumption and the fact that it's fully enlightening a room immediately, it's something that YOU MUST USE instead of your old fashioned incandescent bulbs
  • Efficient, small, protected

    posted by cyriusbe

    Have bought one for testing because of its size approaching normal bulb, so you can put in older devices.
    Used for light outside linked to a detector (protected of rain). this bulb is put inside an old enclosure supporting only "old" bulb size, we are so happy to have it instead of a cfc economic one which has obliged us to remove the top of the decorative part of the lamp. Now he decoration is back in place
    Moreover, as it's led, it light up directly (used to light the house door).
    Omnidirectional light
    As said, protected of rain, but not suffering of staying outside (has proved to resits to freeze and humiity up to now)
    Will buy some other for replacement of old economic bulb when they will be down.
    This one is giving lot of light, no real heating, in old kind size limitation, this is very good :-)

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