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You may find that it is quite easy to purchase e27 warm here and you can save money at the same time. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Find more hot gadgets at e27 220v warm and e27 spotlight warm. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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e27 warm Customers Reviews

  • Nice bulb

    posted by hpopov

    + Very small, but this dont hurt performance.+ Nice warm white+ LEDs don't look over-driven so hope to last+ build quality looks great+ all LEDs looks equally bright.+ plastic casing does a great job to make light uniform, and it is perforated on top for better cooling.
    Nice bulb, I will see how this bulb will work for a mount and if it is OK I will get more of this :-)
    Nice small, but bright for it is size bulb, with good quality.Packaging from DX needs improvment
  • good 40W bulb replacement

    posted by travellersam

    - good quality- eco friendly, and so to the wallet- stable, quite pleasant light
    Comes in a plain, basic packaging, but it is quite good protected during the shipping.
    It doesn't give you the light amount and same warm light as the 'normal' bulb or even some CFLs would, but the power savings, especially at the constant use, are significant.
  • not perfect, but best one yet

    posted by harelyoav

    not bad at all. real warm white, very nice color.Quite strong. if you like to spot something in your room with a nice warm light - this is your perfect choice.
    nice strong warm light but i'm not so sure about the all concept of spots of light. still looking for a real good led bulb. this one is close.
    it is still too pricy for its light. if the privce gets lower, may buy another set of three.
  • Useful and decently priced

    posted by Psyck

    The light is reasonably bright, though one bulb may not be sufficient to read under it will still illuminate a small to medium sized room well enough. It is also very small in size, so it should easily fit into any fixture.
    The warm light is perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere in your house, unlike the harsh white light LED's.
    It is good value for money and you can use it in all areas in you house which to not require too much brightness (or use multiple bulbs as required).
  • perfect usefull warm Led light

    posted by Yodar

    Used on a 12V solar powered battery system inside my isolated vacation home.This led light lights the whole area perfectly with a nice colored bulb comparable lights. I cant notice the difference with a normal 230V 40W bulb
    Be careful to never use this product for a regular 230V E27 socket. This will results In damage/danger. use this for 12V only.
    If you need a good 12V intense LED light, buy this one.

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