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It's very convenient for you to find the e27 warm white you want at our online shop. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. gu10 warm white or warm white flashlight may offer more options for you. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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e27 warm white Customers Reviews

  • Replacement for 60W bulb ?

    posted by Batazare

    Well designed, will fit in most lamp bodies designed for reflector type bulb. Looks a bit high tech.Real saving in power consumption for spaces where no extra quality light is needed (like bedroom).
    A small design improvement suggestion would be to smooth edges of cooling ribbs. Be carefull when installing not to cut yourself !
    Good replacement for classic reflector type bulb approx. 60W where no extra quality light is necessary.
  • very bright

    posted by cup

    These are the brightest LED spot lights I've purchased from DX. The color is a pleasant warm white light (does not have the greenish tone some of the other warm white lights tend to have)solid build quality
    if these last even a year, it's worth it
    I've had these for 2 weeks now and very happy with it. Will probably replace all my spot lights in my home if they're durable
  • Bright but heavy

    posted by Cimistus

    Damn bright. Nicely built. Color temperature is warm, but has bit odd orangeness in it. Has hefty heatsink.
    Due to heating, I wonder how long it'll last. Maybe the LED is overdriven or it just may be a property of COB-LEDs. Also the light beam is not entirely spot like; there is quite a lot of spread.
    Lots of nice coloured light. Could be cheaper, but if it lasts, it's no really an issue.
  • Perfect!!

    posted by Dehumanizer666

    First impression when I opened the package was that they are quite small (I haven't used this type of led bulbs before all other led bulbs I am using are bigger), so there is absolutely no problem to replace regular lightbulbs in any lamp with one of these. The build quality seems to be perfect, the casing is metal and it all firmly stands in place, it really looks built very professionally. LEDs does even have a thin protective glass in front of them. When you install the bulb, you can adjust it to the left or right so you won't be stuck with the bulb upside down after screwing it in.It does turn on instantly without any delay.
    I would say the light temperature is a bit higher than 3200K but still completely reasonable and warm white.Since the light is not omnidirectional, it's best for installing in ceiling lamps.I have replaced two 43W regular halogen bulbs with 630lm indicated luminous flux with two of these and subjectively the light is just slightly brighter, so I would say these have maybe 700lm, not 810 as indicated, but it might be due to the fact that they only glow in one direction. However I would say the indicated luminous flux is not completely false as with some other bulbs.
    Definitelly buy it it if you need a replacement for 60W regular lightbulb (or 43W halogen) in a ceiling lamp, it will do the work perfectly.
  • Good light bulb

    posted by Camacho2004

    Well finished, light weighted and easy to use. With a little care you can easily disassemble the whole thing. Does not waste light towards the ceiling.
    Connected at 110V. There are 27 columns of 3 leds. That makes the 81. The voltimeter said 75V over the leds, so I bypassed two columns of leds. So 75V/25=3V. Could try to aplly 3,5V, but too many leds would not be used and the others could fry.
    Price could be cheaper considering the internal components and I'm not sure if power economy will compensate that. Anyway it was fun to learn how it works.


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