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e27 warm smd

It's very convenient for you to find the e27 warm smd you want at our online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. You can also browse smd e27 110v, smd bulb e27. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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e27 warm smd Customers Reviews

  • Nice lamp!

    posted by Snake2004

    I just love these LEDs 5050. Nice warm tone of light. Eyes a rest. Check the wattage or the number of lumens is not possible, but it shines brighter than the same at 3W. Good for local coverage. If you use pieces 10 then can be good and light the whole room. All parts are well seated. Proceedings of decent quality. LEDs are not covered by anything, it should also be borne in mind in order not to short out anything.Came the light bulb in the package and normalnoy even a whole))
    It would be interesting to try a brighter bulb, but that probably will be heated much higher. Can such a body take so much heat? Probably better to take a light bulb with a large aluminum heatsink. And the product completely satisfied, you can use.
  • Fair price, but you can find cheaper for the same properties

    posted by kamikun

    Consumes only 5W, but did not test it myself. Provides as much light as my 7W CFL light.
    Shipped in a bubble wrap envelop, the bulb was only in a cheap card box. Cheap and almost no shipping protection. I was ordering something else with a big box, so it was acting as a cushion, but if you bought the bulb by itself, maybe it will not arrive in only one piece.You can find cheaper at your local IKEA store, when they're on sale, for like 6$.
    If there's an IKEA in your neighbourhood, don't take the risk of buying a bulb shipped with almost no protection, because you'll not save that much.
  • A lot of light for very little electricty

    posted by digdig

    It gives off a nice bright light. It is brighter than a 40 watt incandescent globe but it only uses 5 watts of electricity. The spread of light is very even.
    The colour is not as yellow as an incandescent light globe - it is more a neutral white and quite pleasant.
    Excellent value for money and and it uses very little electricity.
  • great light

    posted by Glennpedersen

    great LED light emitter, almost fits a standard E 27 light socket, send out a light that are close to a 40 Watt fluorescent light
    i thought it didn't worked at first, but the problem was that the E27 socket didn't really fit with the LED.
    all in all a great LED light for the money i had to give four times as much if i wanted one from denmark.thanks againg Deal Extreme for being so cheap.
  • Good complete light

    posted by Victronix

    Warm white, very good construction. Lights up very well. Solid aluminum housing. Dissipates heat very well.. Thread is accurate and precise. Before the array of LEDs is purely transparent protective plate of hard plastic.Very good complete light.
    Front cover is plastic. Cover from diode side is plastic too. The front cover is attached by plastic pins. The cover can not be removed without damage to the pin.You may need to insert between the array of diodes and the aluminum housing thermal grease. For better heat dissipation from the chips.
    This is very good and complete light for this price. The PCB inside is good quality. To protect the PCB is placed in the role of insulating paper.

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