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e27 warm led 110v Customers Reviews

  • too weak for bigger places

    posted by Gus1979

    very good quality.
    saves energy.
    very good for the environment
    I think that the price is dropping and in a few months it'll be cheaper.
    I bought 8, and only one has a problem. It's working only with 11 of 21 leds.
    Now I bought E27 4W 360-Lumen 3500K Warm White Lamp Bulb (110~260V) (sku: 54676) expecting that it'll be brighter.
  • Not Bad

    posted by mrhjc

    The light is warm white like I expected.
    The lighting is adequate, depending on the size of room. It is appropriate for closets or small bathrooms or small rooms. It is very useful for reading lamps.
    If the price were cheaper, then I would recommend this. Not taking into account price, I give it a 4 out of 5.
  • very bright

    posted by juste.frank

    -looks nice -very bright, consider using it with a cover to limit light blindness-price is low compared to other LED bulbs founds in store locally (in Montreal anyways)-fitment is perfect, will fit on similar bulb without any problem
    LED boards are not fixed properly, you can easily damage it if mishandled
    would buy again but would like to pay a bit less for this product
  • Wow! Beat the CFL it replaced

    posted by OverMatt

    - Bright- Decent colour temperature of the light
    This is my first LED light bulb (though I enjoy LED flashlights quite a bit...likely more than I should ;-) ... suffice it to say, I know my LEDs as much or more as the next LED junkie).I have to say, I was expecting something dimmer than I hoped, and a colder white than I hoped, with a painfully tight focus, such that it'd only be good for a potlight.Boy was I wrong!I put this in a fixture that has a frosted glass diffuser, and it puts off as much as the CFL bulb I had in there (an IKEA 600 lumen CFL), and it clearly beat it. And not just in raw light output, it was nice looking light, too (decent color). And a nice spread (granted the diffuser no doubt is to thank for some of that, but I have little doubt the bulb would spread light decently even without it).Now for the litmus test...my wife liked it, and said we should order some for her family, as stocking stuffers.'Nuff said. When your wife likes your tech purchases, and wants you to get more, you've got a winner.
    Impressive light. Watch the fit in your lamps, as it is longer than a standard bulb. As I am posting excitedly after first use, I can't speak to it's long term life, though the quality of the build construction is impressive (it's a pretty pro looking light). Looking at it without going through the frost diffuser, I was pretty blinded (no surprise), so you don't want to run these bulbs naked (I'm talking about the bulbs....what you do while you're lit up with this nice light is your business ;-) ).I'll definitely be buying more.
  • Not the best, but not bad!

    posted by ProDigit

    Ok, I didn't feel like writing pro's and cons for this bulb, so let me write everything here:
    The bulb is light yellow (white yellow-ish).
    The color comes very close to a 60-100W incandescent light, but the light intensity is only that of a 35-40W bulb.
    It's slightly brighter than the popular sku.29426. The housing is also slightly more recessed, meaning they fit deeper in the socket than sku.29426.
    They're not that powerful. Though each LED burns like they can burn holes in your eyeballs (and you'll still see the LED dots 5 minutes later after glancing in the bulb), the lamp itself is not so bright.
    Bright enough for night reading though!
    If you want a yellow version of sku.29426, this one is closest to it. Slightly brighter, and warmer, yet a tad more expensive too.


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