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e27 warm bulb

Buy quality e27 warm bulb at our online store at low prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. You can also browse ion bulb e27, remote bulb e27. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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e27 warm bulb Customers Reviews

  • Exact 45W replacement. Great.

    posted by ZSimon

    This is my first time buying LED lighting from DX. Previously I bought some bulbs from local stores here in Canada. Those were rated to replace 60W, and cost 19$ each. These replace 45 W and cost me in bulk, about 6.00 each. I bought 7 of these.All the SMD LEDs are lined up perfectly.All function across all 7 with the same brightness.There is no apparent overheating, a great plus.There is no buzzing noise, like with other bulbs from other stores.
    I bought 7 of these, 4 function as fillers for a room fan/light. They are JUST bright enough.The 3 others are used for a light stand and night light. While not suitable for reading they do illuminate the whole room.
    Buy these. These are perfect replacement for 45W conventional bulbs.
  • Super Energy Saver

    posted by AuroJr2

    Hello DX friends!These bulbs are very well constructed and consumes only 3 watts.Is a great deal since the product pays itself overtime.
    Maybe you will want the super white ones, just buy a couple.
    Just buy it!It looks like a traditional 60 Watt incandescent bulbs, not as bright as i expected. But it does the job.Maybe you will want the super white ones, just buy a couple.
  • The light is more of cold white, not warm.

    posted by gmihaylov

    The bulb is cheap and its light is as described in terms of lumen. It is easy to use, has good design so that it would not overheat even for long term use.
    Good build quality, aluminum casing to prevent overheat. It is small, so it can fit most closed light casings (for example in baths or closets).
    Good for money, except if you are really fan of warm light (yellowish light)
  • Not Bad

    posted by mrhjc

    The light is warm white like I expected.
    The lighting is adequate, depending on the size of room. It is appropriate for closets or small bathrooms or small rooms. It is very useful for reading lamps.
    If the price were cheaper, then I would recommend this. Not taking into account price, I give it a 4 out of 5.
  • good lightbulbs

    posted by jfs73

    Nice Clear warm light - similar to old incandescent With diffused glass- much better than other cheaper led bulbs i have tried from dx earlier.bulbs comes packed With bubblewrap inside good quality solid cardboard case. price is acceptable and good overall perceived quality
    always look for warm light led bulbs the other types have nasty white light
    looks like a good buy and hope Lifetime will be as good as advertised( says 35000 hrs on Box)

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