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e27 to Customers Reviews

  • Very useful

    posted by Lissu83

    Product is very light weight and small size is really good. it can fit almost any lamp.
    I can heartily recommend, has saved me from many a problem when the situation got the right bulb is connected and turned on.
    A good product I would not use very efficient bulb for, I would recommend use especially in low-energy bulbs.
  • A sucessful and very rugged quality product.

    posted by susheeltk

    I had been looking for good and inexpensive E27 to B22 Light Lamp Bulb Adapter Converter.As I am from India,we dont have the screw type bulbs,which are expensive or unreliable.This product surpised me with its quality with a mix of ceramic and fibre outer holder,the base screw is finely made and point of contact with E27 is accurate.I did a simple test of letting the holder go down from a height of 3 feet,and surpirsingly,there were no dents or any bends on the holder.I had to check it as to how long the Adapter would be able to handle the intense heat of a 25 watt CFL,and switched it in on position for 6 hours continously,and again it passed the test sucessfully.The wattage is accurate,with the bulb showing no signs of flickering on voltage fluctuations.I had no problems whatsoever with the product.
    Nothing to add.
    Overall,this device is an excellent one,that one can rely on,and the quality,efficiency and by its rugged design is the best part.The technical aspects are very good,and one can rely on entirely,that,the adapter won't burn a hole in your pocket,by replacing CFLs,due to erratic voltage or short circuits.The very fact that it travelled all the way from China to India,and reaching my place itself shows the ruggedness of the product.I would highly recommend this product with confidence.
  • Easiest way to use a E27 bulb on a lamp E14

    posted by helran

    Cheap way to use a E27 bulb on a lamp E14. So easy to use and no need to have any electricity knowledge.My adapter arrived in good condition and it works properly.
    I bought it because i wanted to absolutly use my remote led bulb (E27) on my lamp (E14) whitout dessasemble or change anything to the lamp itself. This adapter is just perfet for that !
    Perfect tool if you don't want to buy an other lamp or a bulb because they are from different size.
  • Does just what i want

    posted by DaveDaring

    They perform the function they are designed for, are light weight & are not too big & bulky. As they match the colour of the existing fitting when installed they are pretty much invisible. Also when combined with an LED lamp they still take up less room than a conventional light bulb.
    when combined with an LED light they still take up less room then an old style filament bulb.
    A five pack for such a low price you just cannot beat this as a barging
  • Easy to use converter for standard lamp housing

    posted by plenum

    Had many unused GU10 lamps for my store display but then the wire get burnt and not used anymore. With this easy to use converter, I can make use of them for picture lighting. I always feel halogen lamp is warm
    Use them for lamp with cups so that the adapter is covered inside the lamp cup. Or alternatively, use with recessed lamp
    Easy to use converter that fits into standard lamp housing


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