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e27 to e14 bulb

Check out the great e27 to e14 bulb to see if there is any that suits you. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

e27 to e14 bulb Customers Reviews

  • Light bulb adapter

    posted by Hans62

    If you ever needed a adapter for your light bulbs this is the one you got to have.Good Quality.normaly you cant use a big bulb in the small lamps with this you can.No fuss just screw it in(no pun intended;)) and there you go.
    Maybe you can buy more at once its cheap and its always handy to have a spare.
    Bottomline low price good quality item what more do you want?maybe it can be sold as a set 3 of a kind or so?
  • good adapter fits very good, and made with good materials.

    posted by PatoLeonCL

    this adapter fits perfectly with two led bulbs shipped in dealextrema at the same time, was build with a very good plastic and metal materials. also fits correctly in the E27 socket. is small to fit in the glass baloon. i recommend it.
    dealextreme could be offer this adapter in different colors (plastic part).
    good adapter and good materials. fits very good in each extreme.
  • the gadget I always wanted!

    posted by fotoriot

    It is just usefull! easy to use and finally I can put the more powerfull E27 lamp on a E14 socket. I am happy for this.it happened that I could not find a E14 more than 11-12 watt, now it is not a problem anymore25 watt E27 on a E14 socket, it is easy!
    it adds some length to the lamp, then maybe consider it specially if you use with energy save lamps, its fit very stable.I will not use it with a 100 watt lamp - but until 40 watt should be not a problem.
    all considered should cost less, maybe 1 $ it is a fair price - it is a very simple object!
  • nifty little thing

    posted by minitruck

    It is what it is, a E14 Female to E27 Male Light Lamp Bulb Adapter Converter. Good fit on the E27 side, fits like a glove into the E27 socket
    nothing so far
    If you're looking for a useful and low price converter, this is the one to get. When you have some of these, you can always buy the E14 version bulb and fit it to either a E14 or E27 socket.
  • Very useful

    posted by akorn

    I don't really know what to say. It's not like there are many noticeably different competing products, so it's difficult to identify "Pros".
    This thing should realistically cost somewhere around 15 cents.
    This is a very useful gadget that expands your choice of light bulbs. Especially smaller, lower-powered light bulbs are often only available with E14 connectors, while many light fixtures have E27 sockets. This adapter allows you to use both kinds of bulbs (how surprising, eh?).

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