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e27 led white

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e27 led white Customers Reviews

  • Agreed "Weak"

    posted by TrashSpam

    Very small (very, very)Very well built (good materials - sturdy)Did I mention how small these are? They will fit into ANY lamp.
    They have their place, I like them for those usages. I wish there was a better std. for judging "light" other than guessing.
    I would buy them again "IF" I had a use for "side" lighting. The quality is there... just not the power I was expecting.
  • Fair price, but you can find cheaper for the same properties

    posted by kamikun

    Consumes only 5W, but did not test it myself. Provides as much light as my 7W CFL light.
    Shipped in a bubble wrap envelop, the bulb was only in a cheap card box. Cheap and almost no shipping protection. I was ordering something else with a big box, so it was acting as a cushion, but if you bought the bulb by itself, maybe it will not arrive in only one piece.You can find cheaper at your local IKEA store, when they're on sale, for like 6$.
    If there's an IKEA in your neighbourhood, don't take the risk of buying a bulb shipped with almost no protection, because you'll not save that much.
  • Brightest LED lamp so far

    posted by laptopleon

    It gives very bright, pure white light and fits in the space of a regular 220 Volt bulb. It's much cheaper than similar LED 'bulb' lamps you will find in a regular store or warehouse and of good quality. The quality of LED lamps is much better than a few years ago.
    LED lights need to be at least 5 Watt if you want to use them to replace old fashion bulbs. 5 Watt is OK for a closet or a garage where you need just a little light. This one is 10 Watt and that's enough for a hall or bathroom. My wife prefers a more yellowish light but I don't see the advantage of that. This one is not blueish, by the way, just neutral white.
    Considering the usually much longer lifespan of LED lamps, combined with the fact that they use a fraction of the energy, I am replacing most lamps for LED lamps. Yellowish ones where my wife wants them to be 'warm of color', pure white in closets and the garage.
  • good emergency lightbulb

    posted by theboner

    Can Be used as a normal E27 lightbulb with the following advantages: IT is super energy efficiënt. IT is only 4 watt and IT gives the Same light as a 40 watt bulb.The collor is nice and warm. Not bright white like other led bulbs.When the power Goes out, IT can switch to battery power from the build in rechargeable battery.After he power Goes out, you can unscrew the bulb and use IT as a flashlight.
    It emits light like a spotlight. Maybe make one with surround light.
    Great energy saving emergency light bulb.
  • Good for the price!

    posted by Tyrrea

    Great little lightbulp, with very good light. I use it in a room with no windows, and this lightbulb gives a "daylight" like shine whitch is nice!
    Great thig about led lightbulbs is that they dont get hot like other bulbs usually do, so you can switch and handle them even when they have been turned on for hours!
    Great value lightbulb, very affordable, where i live (Denmark) you easilly pay 4 or 5 times as much for same kind of bulb!

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