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e27 led warm white

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Welcome to our e27 led warm white online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Find more popular products from e27 led warm white light, led e27 warm white 5w. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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e27 led warm white Customers Reviews

  • I liked it

    posted by cgant

    - Good Price (Brazilian Standards).- Remarkable luminosity, just as it says.
    Price is a bit high if comparing to other DX products, but still cheap for Brazilian standards. Build seems OK.
    So far I'm happy with the ones I've bought and surely will buy more. Price is cheap for Brazilian standards. I didn't take the time to check if power consuption is 7W, but I have no reason to doubt it, so far. All in all, I recommend it.
  • the price is good

    posted by vrazel

    The light is not warm it is bright light. or cold. I was afraided of delivery, but the bulb was good packaged. The delivery time was not the short but it was ok. This bulb has size as traditional bulb.
    I am going to order another bulb with more lumens, so I will see. I hope the next bulb will be really with the warm light.
    No warm light it is cold light. It was not the good choise for me.
  • Very Good

    posted by moviemakerpro

    Very bright. Runs cool. Small and compact size. Seems durable. The color of the light matches incandescent light bulbs rather well.
    I will would buy more of these. The price is higher than others but I believe its worth it.
    Overall very impressed. This is as bright as a more expensive local store version. It has a good diffused light that goes in all directions.
  • Quite bright light!

    posted by Sodori

    Really, really bright!Lots of LEDs (24)One of the cheapest I have seenEven if LED, the light feels kinda warm and soft.Almost no heat, nothing to burn you on if you don't get to sleep or something holding it.
    There is two versions of this, a white and a more warmer light. I do not mind either, but as I got the choice it became the warmer bulb.Now, the product image is more like a yellow light. And that is as I assumed a lie. It's really white, and not even near as yellow as my replaced bulb. But I still feel it is somewhat warm and yellow.Also, during installation. I hear a bit of squeaking from the plastic shell. I am sure it is alright and so, but it affects the feel and build quality
    It's a quite nice bang for your buck. As white as this is, I do wonder how the even whiter one compares to, and maybe I will someday find out. It also sticks out a bit more, so the protection of a lamp shade I get no more! See my images where I fist compare size with a 60W lamp, and also tries to photo a white sheet of paper.If you are looking for a romantic evening, stick with candles!! But if you just want something that really gives you a brighter future with what you are looking at. And do not mind the colour or warmth of it, I'd go with this! Even if I can't say I find this one warm, it still must be better than the other one.
  • Replacement for 60W bulb ?

    posted by Batazare

    Well designed, will fit in most lamp bodies designed for reflector type bulb. Looks a bit high tech.Real saving in power consumption for spaces where no extra quality light is needed (like bedroom).
    A small design improvement suggestion would be to smooth edges of cooling ribbs. Be carefull when installing not to cut yourself !
    Good replacement for classic reflector type bulb approx. 60W where no extra quality light is necessary.

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