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e27 led light warm

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e27 led light warm Customers Reviews

  • Good replacement for classic reflector bulb

    posted by pRst

    High light output, good replacement for 40W halogen reflector bulb. Built quality is quite good
    The lightbean is quite narrow but it's convenient for me, however the angle should be in description!
    Good price for 7W bulb with this parameters. One sec delay is only really cons.
  • Very good LED bulb

    posted by Rhobson

    - Small;- Very bright;- Perfect warm colour (yellow-ish)
    Bought to replace a 20W CFL bulb on my mother's room, as she constantly "forgets" to turn the lights off.
    If you don't mind the one-second-lag when you turn it on, buy it. It's the cheapest and brightest LED bulb with warm colour that I ever bought.
  • Excelent bulb

    posted by sacbra

    - Good construction and seems also to be built with high quality material. - Very bright. I used to illuminate my closet (8 Bulbs). Very bright with lower consumption compared with PAR 30 standard bulbs.- 7W consumtion- Warm light. Excelent color temperature. I prefer these to illuminate indoor areas inside my home.- Fits perfectly to the PAR 30 bulb standard
    It's not so cheap. Sure it will be cheaper in the future.
    Although the not cheap price, I'm very satisfied with the bright result and quality. I would recommend to my friends.
  • works well, looks well made

    posted by janvotr

    I have three pieces for over four months, all of them work well in humid or cold environment. I use 2 in bathroom as a ceiling lights. Another one is outdoors on a house wall. I will buy more. Quality is above average, unlike other badly glued plastic led lights I bought on DX.
    if the price will be around 12$, it would be a bestseller.
    quality led light, could be cheaper. So far, works well and produces sufficient light. The case looks firm and likely has aluminium coating.
  • Narrow, bright spot

    posted by SeikkuDX

    Bright at spot. First spot LED for E27 socket I approve for replacing an incandescent/halogen spot. Colour is pretty much as promised, replaces a 35W halogen spot. Beam width is about 2:5, say, at 5 metres light dimms to about half brightness at 1 metre from spot centre.
    This is the replacer for some incandescents I have around my house and my relatives, as well.With a drop of glue, the parts will stay together even while you try to screw the bulb off the socket;-)
    If the narrow beam is not a problem, or if you are looking for a tight spot, buy it. Nice price for good colour and bright spot.

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