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e27 led light bulb

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You can buy cheap e27 led light bulb from us. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. You can also browse e27 led light bulb remote and led light bulb e27 220v. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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e27 led light bulb Customers Reviews

  • Excellent

    posted by Gezza

    Good light output. Quite a warm colour. Good protective cover over the SMDs.
    5630 SMD LEDs work well. Good for horizontal mounting in ceiling (oyster) light fittings. In the past, I've tried corn lamps with the earlier small round white LEDs (non-SMD) and been disappointed with their claimed output. At last I've found a corn lamp at a good price good enough to light my 4x5 metre room.
    Good product.
  • Combined review of SKU.41319 vs sku.51688

    posted by ProDigit

    3800-4000k white yellow bulb
    This is a combined review for SKU.41319 vs sku.51688.This bulb is brighter than sku.41319, though not by much; though it also runs much hotter!I bought 3 samples, the color of all three is even (unlike sku.41319 where some are more yellow than others).It compares to a 35-40W incandescent light, and has a color temperature of about 3800-4000k, similar to the color of a 75-100W incandescent lightbulb (only matches color, not light output).
    Probably the brightest LEDS I've bought on DX of this size!I only hope they will last.
  • Very good quality

    posted by vidalgm

    Very well constructed, good general quality and also very ligth (small weighted). Very bright leds that start to lit instantly. It does not heat at all and the power consumption is small.
    Good option to replace the classic halogen bulbs that use 10 times this power.
    Very useful for places where you can leave it lit (by need or mistake) since its power consumption is very low.
  • Excellent mechanical build

    posted by canadianguy

    Very well built - screws hold everything together. Very substantial feel due to aluminium heatsink with nice black coating. Light output is stable without flicker. Having a VERY quick look at the driver it looks like a simple switcher with isolating transformer. The transformer is labeled with "3W"...which I'm assuming is the power rating of the driver PCB.
    As others have mentioned, the output is very focused and is not very good for area lighting though it shows great promise when used for architectural down-lighting.I replaced the factory LED with a Cree CLN6A-MKW-CJ0K0233 (something I had on hand). This improved the output colour significantly.
    Great little product - need to do some life testing. I have some concerns over the electrolytic cap in the power supply due to the high-ish temperature the whole unit runs at...time will tell.-T2
  • Very Nice light bulb

    posted by kungfutaisan

    Very bright,The light is white as described,Super Nice lookingSize looks the same as an standard incandescent bulb, so it should fit any application.
    The Product is class A.Pricing could be better.Packaging could be better.
    Buy it, you will like it


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