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e27 led light bulb

You can buy cheap e27 led light bulb from us. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. You can also browse e27 led light bulb remote and led light bulb e27 220v. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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e27 led light bulb Customers Reviews

  • All leds light the same. None of them is burned.

    posted by expresas

    This bulb gives bright light comparable to a 40W incandescent bulb, but only uses +-3W, so it saves money, lots of money... Good to study or cabinets, very good for other rooms. Lights up instantaneously. Produces less heat than any other bulb.
    All led bulb containing leds light the same. None of them is damaged / burned.
    Just buy it, replace your old bulbs for this stylish leds.Leds are the future, you can have the same ammount of light spending 10 times less energy and money.
  • Good

    posted by skondido

    Great color tone, like any other warm white lamp, good working temperature, do not overheat while not having a sink. Illuminates the equivalent of a 23 watts economic lamp. Color tone is equivalent a good warm white economic lamp too.
    It could come in a box better protected. I was a little worried about the dome of the lamp come broken, as it comes protected into a plastic bubble only.
    It's a excelent lamp, i recommend it. I do not know how long it will last, could be a little cheaper.
  • Quite expensive for such product

    posted by avisadeh

    Good white light, using it in my bathroom. 2 lamp like that can give you good light for 20-25 square meters room. I was thinking that I am buying the same product as the one that I purchased one year ago, but I find it with strong white light better that the old product.
    I was thinking that I am buying the same product as the one that I purchased one year ago, but I find it with strong white light better that the old product.
    After reading my review, you have to decide if it meets your expectation and buying it or not.
  • Nice bulbs for home ilumination

    posted by nicolasantoci

    The price is acording to the product and quality of materials seems to be good! The ilumination is great!
    If you can do what I do in "cons" or the product will be produced like that... It will be great, so be carefull.
    The ilumination is great!
  • Sharp white light

    posted by burfam

    Runs well on 120 vac in the usa.Nice white light shines outward in about a 180 degree field. The amount of light that this makes is just about right for a indoor fixture.
    I have it in a ceiling fan with three other lights. This one seems to stand up to the florecents that are in there now. These would work great in a ceiling fixture that is recessed and still cover a larger area with light as opposed to a spot type light shinning on a small area.
    These would make a great hallway light.This differs from typical lights in that the main body of the light is not light up, only the end plastic cap. If put in a fixture with a glass shade such as ceiling fan, the main part of the shade will remain dark.

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