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e27 led bulb 3500k

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e27 led bulb 3500k Customers Reviews

  • not 3500K

    posted by danox

    It looks very solid, looks realy reliable, the light is very soft, no strange multi-shadows, fits perfectly on the socket. the size also is very close to a standard tungsten one. The alluminum casing is well finished and adds value to the visual.
    Its a little heavy, if you have a tiny lamp, it will be a trouble.
    if you dont care about color temperature of a light bulb, I recommend this one. enjoy.
  • Very good quality

    posted by vidalgm

    Very well constructed, good general quality and also very ligth (small weighted). Very bright leds that start to lit instantly. It does not heat at all and the power consumption is small.
    Good option to replace the classic halogen bulbs that use 10 times this power.
    Very useful for places where you can leave it lit (by need or mistake) since its power consumption is very low.
  • Great R20 replacement lamp!

    posted by ChiggerPepi

    I replaced my 27W 120V R20 bulb with this 3W replacement and actually ended up with more light output!
    I live in the United States, and at 120V it works perfectly, although I was a bit worried when I opened the box, as there was a 220V sticker on the side of the bulb.
    I submitted 3 side by side comparisons of my original bulb vs. this replacement. I hope these help you decide if this is the right bulb for you!
    Overall an excellent deal, I am happy to have MORE light for nearly 10x LESS power consumption.
  • like 60W bulb

    posted by ZbDrt

    You can use it as a replacement of 60W bulb. Enought of light for small place.
    It can be usefull in specific places. It larger than classic bulb, so if you have for example vitreous overhead lamp this bulb is not so pretty if it is installed in. Mine one shining little bit green.
    Try one and see. I satisfied for the money
  • Works as described

    posted by Graven

    Warm light output is nice. Appears very solid. The internal power rectifier looks ok. Looks to be around 380 lumen (though I haven't measured it) about the same as a 60W bulb.
    It's ok for a cheap bulb but I won't buy anymore as there's a small chance the housing could become live. It's very small, but I don't like chancing these things.

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