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e27 led 5w smd

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e27 led 5w smd Customers Reviews

  • A lot of light for very little electricty

    posted by digdig

    It gives off a nice bright light. It is brighter than a 40 watt incandescent globe but it only uses 5 watts of electricity. The spread of light is very even.
    The colour is not as yellow as an incandescent light globe - it is more a neutral white and quite pleasant.
    Excellent value for money and and it uses very little electricity.
  • Beautiful light

    posted by thany

    The light color that comes off of these lamps, is surpizingly nice. It's not as warm as an incandescant bulb, but it's close enough and definately outperfoms most LED lamps at similar price points, when it comes to warm color.Build quality is okay. It's plastic, but it's good plastic. I'm not sure the transparent part is of much use though.
    Please do use a fitting that has some kind of cover, as looking into LED lamps can hurt your eyes. Also because this lamp doesn't look particularly interesting.On the flip side, it means these lamps fit very well in flat fitting (like those round ones you see on ceilings).
    If you're looking for a LED lamp that lights in all directions and has nice color, go for this one. It just won't be as bright as you might expect.
  • Replacement for 40W bulb

    posted by JoaoRibas

    Very good bright and small size, similar to a 40W bulb. Easy to install, fits perfectly in the E27 socket. Didn't see any flickering or fails in startup.
    It is a little bit whiter than a regular bulb, I changed only two of the five bulbs in my living room, so you can tell easily which one is which. I am gonna buy a few more to have everything in the same color.
    Go for it! For U$5 you can't get anything even close to this in Brazil.
  • Ok product

    posted by makin74

    Product is as described in specifications.. Works as I expected so far.All LEDs are working and the light distrinution is even. Angle of light spread is satisfactory. Materials used in product seems very strong and lightbulb itself is well built.
    Packing should be stronger because of poor handling during transport. Package I recieved was in very bad shape. Fortunately lightbulb is tough and works ok.
    Would recommend product. I think that the ratio between price and quality is good.
  • Fair price, but you can find cheaper for the same properties

    posted by kamikun

    Consumes only 5W, but did not test it myself. Provides as much light as my 7W CFL light.
    Shipped in a bubble wrap envelop, the bulb was only in a cheap card box. Cheap and almost no shipping protection. I was ordering something else with a big box, so it was acting as a cushion, but if you bought the bulb by itself, maybe it will not arrive in only one piece.You can find cheaper at your local IKEA store, when they're on sale, for like 6$.
    If there's an IKEA in your neighbourhood, don't take the risk of buying a bulb shipped with almost no protection, because you'll not save that much.

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