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e27 lamp warm white

You will be surprised our best e27 lamp warm white with an artful design and an amazing price. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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e27 lamp warm white Customers Reviews

  • useful compact bulb

    posted by mastysek

    the ratio of price to performance is excellent, the comparability with the normal bulb is 60 w, fits into small lights and dome thanks to its small size, the light is warm white,
    Maybe a better implementation of the package, came just a white box with the number of the product transported, there was nothing, no presentation, but how is it there on the package says
    the ratio of the price performance of just good business
  • Muy buena lampara

    posted by mpalmero

    Muy simple de usar. Color natural, similar a incandescente. Muy útil para ambientes tranquilos. Reduce el consumo, respecto a las incandescentes.Very simple to use. Natural color similar to incandescent. Very useful for quiet environments. Reduce consumption compared to incandescent.
    Muy buena calidad el cuerpo de aluminio.Very good quality aluminum body.
    Recomiendo la compra.I recommend the purchase.
  • Good replacement for a standard 100w incandescent

    posted by xruiz

    Less consumption, in fact is the paramount benefit, of course.E27 match exactly the same screw
    nice design
    good product
  • Powerfull

    posted by jiggajigga

    I wanted to test that LED bulb to see if the "1260"lm was right. And I'm not disapointed !it produce a very powerful light, with a very natural warm wavelenght. I realy appreciate that . Moreover it's just 8W so you can make big savings.
    All the LEDs are connected in series, so if one dies then the bulb is out of order so you have too look for the deffective LED in order to replace it. this operation can take a lot of time when there are many led on the bulb. But I don't think that a LED is gonna die before a long ime.
    This is a very bright LED bulb that I really appreciate
  • Beautiful light

    posted by thany

    The light color that comes off of these lamps, is surpizingly nice. It's not as warm as an incandescant bulb, but it's close enough and definately outperfoms most LED lamps at similar price points, when it comes to warm color.Build quality is okay. It's plastic, but it's good plastic. I'm not sure the transparent part is of much use though.
    Please do use a fitting that has some kind of cover, as looking into LED lamps can hurt your eyes. Also because this lamp doesn't look particularly interesting.On the flip side, it means these lamps fit very well in flat fitting (like those round ones you see on ceilings).
    If you're looking for a LED lamp that lights in all directions and has nice color, go for this one. It just won't be as bright as you might expect.

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