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e27 infrared sensor

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e27 infrared sensor Customers Reviews

  • Only works in dim or dark rooms or hallway

    posted by pss2010

    -You can use like a normal light. if turn off at the wall and on it will light up and stay on initiallya bit longer then with sensor movementso it will light up if someone turns off and onat the wall regardless-Very bright light with a more spotlight feel-The label says 3watts and has still 23 ledsso not sure if label is correct I suspect they are2 watts.. as packet says 2kwh/year which Imean it must be 2 watts .. so if kwh costs $.25 then times 2 gives us $.50 a year to run! IF LEFT ON FOR A YEAR.. very green indeed-The leds should last 5-6 years according to packet but the 48 led version says 10 years.. also very good as normal energy saving bulbs seem to die in our house every 6 monthsso these should a lot of money and are as good if not better then reg bulbs.-Detects motion about 3 meters away which is good enough for hallways or stairwells entrances
    -Has a rattle sound if shake it. the middle IR lensmoves a weebit but no biggy. its a bit cheaper feel then the 48 Led model and the other one I talk about-Could be made better with adjusters-If want one that turns on regardless of light levelbuy the 48 Led one instead, it greater detection range as well and since it too cost pennies to have on all year its no biggy it comes on when detects someone even if its not dark
    for the price cant go wrong if want one that works only in dim or dark areas. so if it dont come on it maybe the hallway has too much light. so check the pilot Lights/leds come on.. meaning its ARMEDas the cardboard packet has no instructions to this!
  • Great Product

    posted by Joellee

    I bought two of this and installed it in the side of the house using those dual socket with bell like hood facing down to protect it from rain and sun (I need to use a 3" extension), It is very bright (on 220v) that it will hurt your eyes if you stare at it. About the equal of a 60W incandescent bulb. The sensor is sensitive to movement at night and off during the day.
    All my friends are jealous of it and asked me where I bought it. I liked it so much that I bought another three for spare but for sure will find a place to install it. It's approximately 3" in diameter and about 3.5-4" high including the socket. The base after the socket is fat like a wine glass so some sockets with rubber weather booth will only work if you put extension.
    I highly recommend it if you will install it in countries with 220v circuit. The voltage is rated 100-220v but it is not that bright when plugged on 110v but motion sensor and the light works well.
  • A 21st Century Lightbulb

    posted by DendoRacing

    Easily automates the lights in your house. Sensitivity is good with a decent angle and range. Includes a light sensor so the lights do not come on during the day. Stylish design that looks better than a normal light bulb.
    Finally the light bulb has entered the 21st century. We have a multi-story house with many stairs and corridors. By installing these light bulbs I am able to safely walk from top to bottom without touching a light switch.
    A modern and stylish light bulb that will automate your house.
  • Better Than Expected

    posted by rcarlyle

    It just works and works very effectively
    To be frank, I wasn't expecting much, so when I opened the door and found the light on, I expected that it just stayed on, but I was wrong. After leaving it alone for a couple of minutes, it turned off and was so sensitive that it actually switched on as I opened the door and also from the bottom of the stairs.
    Excellent product which makes me think that I should purchase a couple more.
  • Very good lamp

    posted by lamcdonald

    -Very reliable, good range on the sensor, and the light-level detection is just right.-Brightness is adequate for night safety.-I have been using it for several months, and have had no problems except build quality.
    It's not bright enough to use as a main room light, but it's perfectly adequate as a safety light so you don't trip over things in the dark. Mine works well in a 4m x 6m (12ft x 18ft) room.
    I only bought one, due to the price and because I was unsure about the quality, but I will certainly be buying a few more!

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