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Welcome to our e27 bulb online shop. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. You can also browse the e27 saving bulb, e27 6w bulbs, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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e27 bulb Customers Reviews

  • Quality lamp

    posted by LexusIS

    * Bright, can replace a 60W
    * Very good colour of light, no green or blue tint
    * Feels solid, good build quality
    * Very good spread of light
    Have tested 4 different LED light bulb's and this is by far the best one in all aspects. After getting and testing the first one I have ordered more of this LED bulb.
    A really good lightbulb. Highly recommended!
  • Excellent choice for your house.

    posted by alexherr

    I bought these light bulbs to replace my old and (nowadays) inefficient CFL bulbs. I first bought some flood lights to ambient some spaces of my house, but then I needed to fill the bedrooms with more light. Theses Lexing bulbs to the job, they look bigger than they really are, but fill the room as expected. Of course I have two in each room.
    I wish I have bought more.
    You wont regret it.
  • Best one up till now for replacing normal bulbs

    posted by ertje

    Non-directional, warm light at an acceptable brightness.
    The brightness is around that of a 7W energy saving bulb.
    The color is a mild yellow, comparable to the less red types of energy saving bulbs.
    The light shines evenly in all directions, without a point of focus.
    The first fairly cheap LED bulb here that looks and works like an ordinary indoor lightbulb. With non directional light! Most people won't even notice it's a LED. It does immediately turn on to full brightness, which is an advantage over some energy saving bulbs which need to heat up.
    Possibly it's more environmentally friendly than energy saving bulbs. But this will depend on durability and, most importantly, the production process.
    Yes, you can use it to replace indoor light bulbs.
  • Bright bulb, nice light for eyes

    posted by kinietis

    Good big lamp, that shines brightly and gives much light to your room. Has plastic casing and it protects led's form dust or damages. Light is soft, not blue cold an can be used in living rooms.
    No thoughts - it serves as lamp and gives light, so what else?
    Good lamp, good color, much light, worth to buy
  • Looks cool and works rather cool too!

    posted by pfg1982

    I was using an 8W energy saving bulb for my table lamp previously and thought that since it's on for hours and hours a day, it'll be nice to be able to reduce on that energy consumption even more. That's when I decided to get this LED bulb which consumes 3W, more than 50% savings on the energy consumption and has similar brightness when compared to my previous 8W energy saving bulb. I'm also surprised at how diffused the emitted light is. Color temperature is at daylight (white light).
    I am totally pleased with this purchase, though the price is quite steep. But this is definitely the first of the many LED bulbs that I'll buy to transition the lights in my house to LEDs...

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