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e27 bulb led 3000k

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You'll find the best e27 bulb led 3000k for you here. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Find more popular products from led bulb e27 5, led bulb e27 sensor. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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e27 bulb led 3000k Customers Reviews

  • Good LED Yellow Bulb

    posted by MarcFern

    It is cheap and energy saving. Fit perfect anywhere. The connectors have excellent quality. If the estimated lifespan is anywhere near accurate it would be a good value product to use.
    I was a bit disappointed about the color emitted. Initially, I was expecting a warm white, which is what the product description indicated but it is actually yellow. The bulb is a little small when compared with standard incandescent bulbs.
    Excellent cost-benefit, delivering a good quality product with a great price.
  • All leds light the same. None of them is burned.

    posted by expresas

    This bulb gives bright light comparable to a 40W incandescent bulb, but only uses +-3W, so it saves money, lots of money... Good to study or cabinets, very good for other rooms. Lights up instantaneously. Produces less heat than any other bulb.
    All led bulb containing leds light the same. None of them is damaged / burned.
    Just buy it, replace your old bulbs for this stylish leds.Leds are the future, you can have the same ammount of light spending 10 times less energy and money.
  • great light

    posted by Glennpedersen

    great LED light emitter, almost fits a standard E 27 light socket, send out a light that are close to a 40 Watt fluorescent light
    i thought it didn't worked at first, but the problem was that the E27 socket didn't really fit with the LED.
    all in all a great LED light for the money i had to give four times as much if i wanted one from denmark.thanks againg Deal Extreme for being so cheap.
  • Recommended

    posted by Dehumanizer666

    This LED bulb is one of the better ones I got from DX. It's bright enough (although not really sure if it's really 720lm, but if not it's surely very close to it, it's comparable to the regular 60W bulb). It doesn't get very hot from what I have observed so far.
    The bulb starts with about 1 second delay, which might be an issue for some people from what I read in reviews, but it absolutely doesn't matter for me, so I'm not even listing it as a con.
    I recommend this bulb, it's not bad. It can replace 50-60W , it does have a colder color than a regular bulb and it starts with about 1 second delay. If you can cope with this, buy it.
  • Super Energy Saver

    posted by AuroJr2

    Hello DX friends!These bulbs are very well constructed and consumes only 3 watts.Is a great deal since the product pays itself overtime.
    Maybe you will want the super white ones, just buy a couple.
    Just buy it!It looks like a traditional 60 Watt incandescent bulbs, not as bright as i expected. But it does the job.Maybe you will want the super white ones, just buy a couple.

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