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e27 6500k Customers Reviews

  • nice one

    posted by javierdp

    This one is nice. Great light (maybe like a 60w of the old bulbs or more). White/blue light (for some uses this is a pro). It's not one of those bulky things. Many many leds. The size is like a regular bulb (more or less). It works when you turn it on, no delay.
    Ideal for a bathroom, at least for me. I replaced 2 little bulbs with this one and it gives a great light, and almost any heat.
    If you are looking for one of this to try leds lights start with this one.
  • Nice spot lamp, little blue-ish

    posted by mikek85

    * Good quality build.* Aluminum heat sink provides heat dissipation from the LEDs.* Output light is enough to ligh up a room with 3-4 of these.* Small size (relatively).
    * Narrow angle (about 50 degrees).* Seems to give out about the 300 lumens specified.* Came in a good protective foam package.* Dropped it once from 2m and it still works :)* Not that pricey, but could be cheaper.
    I'd definitely buy this for a desk lamp or a spot, but not to light up a room (1 piece isn't enough).

    posted by pordefault

    Great color - small profile - Working nicely - with only three LEDs, the brightness is incredible that owns this article, highly recommended. On the other hand, the price is incredible. In Argentina, these lamps costing three hundred percent more
    I know that we are far.... but I wish like the freeshipping service improve their times.
    Buy this one if you need a small and disperced amount of light 3W. buy with confidence. You will not regret. I really recommend
  • Great replacement for PAR38 in sensor fittings

    posted by mosfetnz

    These lamps, with the addition of a little silicone grease around the threads have proven themselves to be watertight in my outdoor security light. The bulbs that were originally in there were 150W each. I tested these as drawing 5W each. A huge saving in running costs, although not as bright as the PAR38 incandescents.
    While these don't throw a bright beam like the PAR38s I replaced they supply ample light for you to find your keys (and the keyhole) or just see if there's someone outside. I had trouble with neighbour's cats triggering my lights and, at 300W for ~5 minutes they were costing me money. Now, at 10W for the two lamps I don't care about the cost.
    I am very happy with the lamps I received, to the extent that I ordered eight more. They really need checking internally to be sure that there's enough heat paste and the PCB's making good contact but as the plastic diffuser screws on it's quite easy to do. I'm putting up more security fixtures now that I can source bulbs that are cheap to run. A great lamp.
  • Great Lamp

    posted by dario.ramunni

    I'm using it inside a blue marrocco style lamp and the light is really strong. My reception smell like an acuarius!The construction if strong.The light is emmited in a 360° angleIs very cold light, so despite that is was installed inside a blue lamp, you can read a book comfortably
    I have connected it in a 220v/50hz socket and it works fine. The lamp start inmediately
    Remember that this lamp is very cold light, so if you are looking for a lamp to iluminate a room, maybe you need to choose another model.

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