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  • Nice blue nightlight

    posted by grendizer

    Energy-efficient. No strobe effect, standart height, reasonably priced.
    Build quality is better than that of some more expensive models.
    I would recommend more pleasant 3500K (same as halogen) or lower color temperature for using at home.
    Cheap LED lamp, nice to start with, fits standard fittings (but emits light in one hemisphere only). Best for your pantry.
    I use them in living room mixed with more powerful traditional bulbs.

    posted by grancatan

    Compared to other Lightbulbs sold here this one is cheaper and bighter. You can remove the White cap, and you get more difusssion and more light out of it, but this would be situable only if you will place it on a hig ceiling, or into a spot lamp fixture, since the leds are very bright and if they are at an angle of direct view, they will leave your eyes seeing blind spots.
    It has thermal grease contacting thr leds pill and the plastic housing, but the housing does not get hot, so, I guess ther is not heat transfer at all. I dont know if this will affect the leds thru the time.IT LIGHTS AS 15-20 WATTS FLOURESENT BULB
  • Nice spot lamp, little blue-ish

    posted by mikek85

    * Good quality build.* Aluminum heat sink provides heat dissipation from the LEDs.* Output light is enough to ligh up a room with 3-4 of these.* Small size (relatively).
    * Narrow angle (about 50 degrees).* Seems to give out about the 300 lumens specified.* Came in a good protective foam package.* Dropped it once from 2m and it still works :)* Not that pricey, but could be cheaper.
    I'd definitely buy this for a desk lamp or a spot, but not to light up a room (1 piece isn't enough).
  • Great build quality

    posted by eanosan

    The light is strong enough for its intended purpose. You can light up a small room with just one of these bulbs.What I like about it is its build quality. It does really feel solid to hold. I did not open up the bulb to see how its innards are put together but at least holding it doesn't feel fragile at all.
    Packaging is quite nice as well. On the box, it says designed in the US, but I'm not too sure about that though. :-)
    Overall I can say I'm pleased with this product.
  • Good light for localized beam lightning

    posted by chrisal

    - Very economic, 3w lighs considerably like those small 20w incandescent dichroic lamp;- Has a milky lens over the leds making it kinda diffuse - adequate for applications where the light shlouldn´t be at concentrate focused beam and minising shadows. It was one of the reasons I choose this model;
    - Could have a little less color temp like 6000K. Its kinda bluish, but it dont bother;
    Replaced two incandescent dichroic lamps where was heating up my girlfriend´s face when she is doing her makeup; Its a great lamp to an application where I said before: need lights, low shadows, proximity with no heat.


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