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e27 6500k led 5w Customers Reviews

  • Practical & great value for Money

    posted by DaveDaring

    Easy to fit, practical design great functionality & very bright, perfect for my hallway add to that the battery great in case of power failure.
    This device is perfect for my hallway no more stubbed toes during night time bathroom visits and of course a well lit hallway when returning home from work.
    A very useful and practical device, makes my life both more comfortable & safer. So little money for something that really makes a difference.
  • Good lamp in my small bathroom

    posted by Dinp

    Bright enough for a 2,61 m² bathroom;Power consumption;Easy to install;Keep the socket E27 and replace just the lamp;Small, it fits in any place.
    I installed this one as general lightning. For the place next to the mirror, I will install a 9W LED to be used during shaving, brushing teeh, etc.
    Calculate the luminous required in your environment before buying any lamp. There are some formulas that consider the size, colors of the wall, number of points
  • Good, not the cheapest but worth every dime.

    posted by eelcogg

    -Very bright-Cold white light (yes I will list it as a pro because that was what I was looking for). It's not too blue of greenish, just cold white.-Rugged: One of these lamps has been outside for a year. It's under a roof, but otherwise not protected from the elements. It has survived temperatures of 0 degrees F in winter to 100 degrees F in summer. I can'see any degradation in light output compared to a new one (yes I ordered some more :) ) .
    It's a more of a spotlight. The beam is quite narrow.
    Good, not the cheapest but worth every dime.
  • Very good light

    posted by TomasLandete

    Very good amount of light. Colour is also good, as it is pure white, not a trend to blueish. I had the 3-Led 3 Watt one and although they are bright, they heat up very much and many reduce the amount of light and even fail. This is more expensive, but it seems it is worth it (I still haven't got for too long to check). Forget about using it indoors, but it is GREAT for garden lighting.
    Do not buy the 3 LED 3 W one because it fails. It is better this one.
    A bit expensive, but it pays off. It is a great light for garden, not indoors.
  • Looks good!

    posted by Rhobson

    - Cheap;- Small;- White-cold light (not blueish)- Turns on fast, without any delay.- Uses only 5W! Saves a lot of energy!
    I'm using them on the inside of my house. On the corridor that leads to the rooms, it replaced a 20W CFL bulb (Yeah, sounds strange, but it's true!)
    Perfect if you want to replace a light bulb that doesn't need to make light for big rooms or the exterior of your house, as the light doesn't seem to "reach" very far.On corridors, bathrooms or even small rooms, they are perfect.

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