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e27 220v Customers Reviews

  • Useful fill-in

    posted by mblogst

    High GN, easy installation in combination with here bought E27 adapter on cable.No advanced knowledge to use it, just plug and turn on.
    Have not used included cable, use it as reote triggered flash from Nikon SB700. At the moment I am using it without umbrela, just white surface as reflector (white wall or something like that).Do read instructions, max 30 flashes in a row, that you should wait 3 minutes, for product to cool down.
    Great for advanced low price photography. Additional stand and umbrella is also recommended.
  • Perfect

    posted by teera1

    easy to install and use. there was nothing broken or misplaced, everything was intact and in order inside each individual box. The light is very natural to the point where my husband leaves it on all the time, because he doesn't realize it's even on, it's like daylight for him.
    I sure will order some more when I need it because they met all the requirements
    just what I wanted and envisioned
  • Very good LED lamp. -

    posted by 1Alamo

    Projects whiter light than expected, it shows good workmanship, nice design, I think it complies well with the specifications. -
    If not for the delay caused by the customs of my country (Argentina), definitely buy more, it seems a very good product, I can only see the performance, but that only can be seen with the use and over time. -
    A good product, offers good white light, so I highly recommend it, consider consumption 3 w not upload more pictures because you teach well is to product, so far very happy.-
  • Let there be light

    posted by DaveDaring

    Very small and compact indeed once combined with the B22 to E27 adaptor still took up less room than than a conventional filament light bulb or fluorescent fitting
    The quality of the light is great the warm gold quality is much easier on the eye than the harsh white you can sometimes get from LED fittings
    Combine the compact size, the low price with the quality of the light emitted you have a great product.
  • Very nice and bright

    posted by ginobile

    I tested this lamp for two days until now. I can say that it is quite bright, surely much brighter than a tungsten halogen of 28 W (35 W equivalent old tungsten), put directly in comparison. The leds cannot be watched directly (too bright). Anyway, it has so many dark areas that an holder with a diffuser is almost mandatory. Otherwise you will be blinded by the LED brightness and the room will appear dark.
    Light color is white-snow. In a diffuser it will give a beautiful illumination. I'm sure I will buy many more of them.
    Even if the power consumption seems a little high, I recommend this lamps for rooms that do not require an exagerate illumination. I will replace all incandescent bulbs in the stairways of my building with them.

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