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e14 white light

On this page, you can find a wide selection of e14 white light. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Browse the products from white light lamp, or some other related Pages like white strobe light. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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e14 white light Customers Reviews

  • Nice cool white light

    posted by vforro

    4W low power consumption.Instantly turns on.Strenght of light equal to at least as a 25W traditional lightbulb.
    Ordered 3 of these and use it on a lamp with 5 led bulbs for testing the colors. 2 of them are 3500K light color, but these 3 cool white are far better in my opinion for any purpose. The 2 3500K will be replaced for 7500K in the future, no doubt about that. For bigger rooms order rather more W leds. For a 3 x 9m room though 5 of these is for me enough.
    Very good white light. If you need more not necessarily very powerful light sources, this choice is good.
  • Very good

    posted by psergiu

    - Very good looking- Metal radiator - won't overheat- Real glass, not plastic- Powerful light
    I have replaced the six 25W "candle" incandescent light bulbs on a chandelier with six of those led bulbs:- They look nicer than the old ones- Brighter than the 25W normal bulbs- All six bulbs together now consume less power than a single 25W incandescent.- The led light beams make the crystals in the chandelier shine very nice.
    Good investment.
  • Great bulb

    posted by astraalilaama

    ordered 3 and all working well, all induvidual SMD:s work
    packade was good, don't have to worry about shipment damage
    it gives same (or a bit more) light as a normal 40w light bulb. very white light, only little blue
    good deal for a bright light
    I will be ordering more of these badboys when i see how long they last
  • Nice white LED

    posted by Lukasos

    First, I bought only one - just to try it and cehck if it can replace normal bulbs. Now, I had replaced 7x 40W lights and I am satisfied (and more will come :) ). In fact I think, there are two version of this LED (under one SKU), on is very white, second is warm white. I like more the warm white, which I use in my bedroom for reading - so believe me - 5,5W is enough :) The "more" white light could be too intensive, so I use it in places, were I am not reading or sitting under it.
    More warmer colors could be better, probably not too sharp for eyes.
    If you are thinking about replacing 40W bulbs, go for it (unless you don't like white color of light).
  • Cool white light wide-angle spot replacement

    posted by amujunen

    - Reasonably economical. - Direct E14 socket replacement, works beautifully with 230VAC at least. - Standard spot bulb size, so will fit probably most E14 lamps, even some of those usually using the "candle" bulb format. - Reasonably bright, somewhere in the range of 40--50W of incandescent bulb.
    - The white light is cool, somewhat bluish in color (as indicated by the color temperature of 6000--6500K), so it is a matter of personal preference if you like cool daylight type or warm incandescent bulb type light.
    Quite economical E14 socket LED replacement bulb which probably fits many use cases, especially those where light in one direction is preferable over omnidirectional light.

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