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e14 warm light

You can find fashionable e14 warm light at a low price. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. You can also browse the g4 light warm, warm light 2700k, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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e14 warm light Customers Reviews

  • Lamp like a flame

    posted by Silin48

    Y use it for dacoretion installed in a especial lamp simulating a flower. The final effect is very special and goes against the regular ones. Give a lot of light, better than an standard of 60 w. Good quality
    As it is buit with metal is better for hot disipation. This is a good option when you maintain a lot of time light on.
    Considering price for LED light this is a good and decorative solution.
  • Excellent Bright Bulb

    posted by bartoli2547

    A good replacement for existing candleshaped light bulbs. Theses one are a just a bit wider and certainly a bit longer in size, but they fit in good enough. Quality build is rather good (not perfect), as what you would expect for this price. Price/quality is OK.
    Since these are LEDs, i don't need to replace them anymore. Classical light bulb are getting more hard to find that last few years around here (Belgium).The "Warm" light is not as warm as i expected it to be, as they are brighter than the original bulbs. They certainly have no "cold" glow, but seem a but "yellowish" (but more "white").
    Altough the price could be more or less same as of what i pay here in my country, i think it is a good investment in the long run. LEDs are supposed to be more enegy efficient.I can recommend this bulb for possible other customers.
  • Nice bulb for specific setups

    posted by jjpuerto

    - Very nice packaging.- Great aesthetics.- Made of glass and metal alloy.-Feels heavy and sturdy.-Looks great on flower-like lamps since it resembles the shape of a flower, even when turned off.-The light intensity and spread is ideal for a 5-bulb lamp in an average room or 3-bulb lamp in a smaller room. No more half-lit lamps.-Excellent spread when positioned at a 45º angle. especially when in front of a mirror (i.e. bathroom).-There is no delay when switching on/off.-The glass part does not get hot.
    Great bulb when used in an appropriate setting (45º angle in a lamp fixture). It also makes a nice bed-side lamp when used at the same angle. It also provides enough light when covered with a shade, provided that the lamp stands at the same level as the person perceiving the light or lower.Not recommended when used against a wall or when the light fixture is vertical (bulb pointing upwards) and is placed above eyesight.Should be priced cheaper to become a viable option comercially.
  • Good product at a good price

    posted by dcd_11

    Very high quality product, it offers a natural light such as solar. Materials are very strong and the various parts are well-fitted and fixed. The energy consumption is very low compared to other more expensive products on the market.
    I think that the golden part is such as a heatsink: the material is like aluminium (that is a good heat conductor) and it has a lamellar shape like PC's heatspreaders (because a greater contact surface favors the heat dissipation)
    It's a good product, not perfect but very good for its price. I like the light that produces, the low energy consumption and the appereance is agreeable too. I recommend it!
  • Great as long as they work

    posted by ChronOJohn2

    - Great light color (daylight-like)- You can take it apart easily- Uses these well-known LEDS like sku133080- They fit most of the Standard sockets (in width)
    - There are similar light for a lower price, get those- If you realy want to order a bunch of this lamps add sku133080 to you order to repar the dying LEDS
    - There are similar ones on DX for a better price, get those.

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