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e14 led bulb warm Customers Reviews

  • Nice light bulb

    posted by habrr

    Very nice design. The combination of the shiny metal with rings and the lenses make the LED bulb look very nice.The bulb seems well constructed. The LEDs are properly attached to the cooling plate and the cooling plate is properly attached to the heat sink. The cooling seems ok since the heat sinks don't get very hot (just a bit warm)This lamp gives about 75% of the light of a normal 40watt light bulb, more than enough to light a small room such as a toilet.
    If you want a better light spread, remove the lenses and the front plate. So you don't get a spot light, and the color is distributed more evenly. The color is warm white (with a small greenish tint, but nearly not noticeable). The color in the center will be the same as on the sides.
    Very nice and bright LED spot that may need some modifications if you don't like the color. Perfect to light a small room. Use more of them for a larger room.
  • Nice white LED

    posted by Lukasos

    First, I bought only one - just to try it and cehck if it can replace normal bulbs. Now, I had replaced 7x 40W lights and I am satisfied (and more will come :) ). In fact I think, there are two version of this LED (under one SKU), on is very white, second is warm white. I like more the warm white, which I use in my bedroom for reading - so believe me - 5,5W is enough :) The "more" white light could be too intensive, so I use it in places, were I am not reading or sitting under it.
    More warmer colors could be better, probably not too sharp for eyes.
    If you are thinking about replacing 40W bulbs, go for it (unless you don't like white color of light).
  • bright, low energy, fits almost anywhere, long life

    posted by unfair

    - The LED light bulb provides a very bright light and replaces the conventional bulb easily- Small Form factor allows the use even in places where fluorescent bulbs don't fit.- Wide range of voltage enhances the use even to a small lamp with a clamp for travelling without the need of an converter- long life (at least promised)- very low heat emission
    I ordered the bulb for testing whether it works as a replacement for the bulb inside my refrigerator. The cool intense light makes it easy to see even into the far corners - what it is, that lies there and whether all is speckless. I now can spot the best-before-dates without taking it out. I expect the LED bulb to live easily als long as the fridge will be in use - so an additional benefit is that I never have to change it again. It produces less heat and lets me close the door faster again since I can see more clearly, thus saving energy not only by the lower energy consumption of the bulb itself.
    bright light with low energy consumption that fits most purposes of a conventional bulb. not suitable in a "moody" place because of colour and being not dimmable.Will buy it again, especially when prices go down
  • Excellent for low-light illumination

    posted by hfriman

    Instant on, as opposed to most traditional low-energy lampsDecent looking, if in open viewIdeal as night light in kids bedroomEnergy vs. effekt is excellentDoes not get hot, so your kids won't get burnt.
    I am currently setting up night illumination in my house. I've got 8 lamps distributed and uses this in one of them. I am going to buy 7 more...Can be used behind a plastic screen for an even more soft illumination. The plastic won't melt, as long as the is a smal gap to allow air flow.
    Absolutely excellent and far more efficient than traditional low-energy light bulbs
  • wery good

    posted by ji014377

    -Will replace a 50W halogen bulb with little/no heat
    -Lights up equally or slightly better than 50W halogen bulb
    -Much cheaper LED bulb than found elsewhere on the net
    -Good build quality, built-in heatsink (the bulb only goes a little warm - you can always touch it)
    -Higher safety (no extreme heat, or if in reach of children for example)
    -Warm color is definetly more enjoyable than the usual blue-ish LED light
    I tested only 1 bulb on my current fixture (carries 5 slots). I usually use my fixture with a dimmer; I wasn't expecting the LED bulb to behave correctly with a dimmer so I tried it at max power at first. When I dimmed, nothing wrong occured at all, except the LEDs were not really affected by the dimming at all.
    Interesting side effect, when dimmed at 5% and 10% it flashes quickly at a regular interval. For those you knows how a dimmer works, this is perfectly normal
    Wery good


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