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This is our best e14 candle warm, they all share a great design and great prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

e14 candle warm Customers Reviews

  • Great E14 Warm led lamp!

    posted by JeMoeder

    Great light, best natural light i have seen.
    -Warm white looks like incandescent bulbs
    -Is nice and bright (if that's what you want)
    -Great looks!
    -I have 2 of this light, light coral is 100% the same.
    I have been searching for a E14 light bulb with normal Light.
    Well, this is THE product for that.
    If you are after a light bulb that Has natural light.
    If you are after a light bulb that doesn't consume much power, buy this.
    If you have little to spend, buy this.
  • Well-made and Affordable

    posted by anthrastorm

    The bulb appears to be very well-madeThe light emitted was brighter than expectedVery well packaged for shippingGood value for money
    After looking at reviews for other light bulbs, I am worried if the packaging will be sufficient to withstand the shipping. I was pleasantly surprised when my shipment arrived safe and sound. Each bulb was individually packaged with fitted foam in a paper box.
    LED bulbs are intended as better alternatives over energy-saving bulbs for the significantly lesser energy that they use (i.e. a few times lower in terms of watts) and their durability (a few times higher in terms of years). The only reason holding consumers back from changing all the bulbs in their houses to LED bulbs is because their price is still significantly higher. Deal Extreme has made LED bulbs a lot more affordable to the average consumer. This product is definitely good value for money.
  • The best bulbs of this kind that I've tried.

    posted by Conguito

    Very bright Light, more than I expected, it's a real warm white color like the incadescent bulbs. I can say that the light of one of this bulbs is alike a 40W incandescent bulb.
    Very good constructed.
    Will buy much more to substitute the few old incandescent bulbs that I still have in the loft, I've have replaced some low consumption bulbs with these and I'm absolutely satisfied with the result.
    Buy if you want to substitue your old bulbs, it with the money you spend on it.
  • Perfect color and brightness

    posted by Urvanej

    Perfectly warm light.High brightness.Perfect size, only a little bigger compared to standard E14 bulb.
    Maybe better electronics for such a LEDs should be involved.Better glue to prevent the falling apart when installing will be helpful.
    The electronic part inside stopped working. For few seconds the intensity was very low and finally goes off. I hope that the LEDs inside are still fine and I will change the internals.
  • Good Choice

    posted by ivansx

    It is a very bright light, maybe even more than 240lm, but that's good. And the quality of the materials are good.
    It works just fine. It replace my old incandecent bulbs nice.
    I recommend this if you wanna save money in your bills, and you get what you expect for this price, a good quality bulb, made with good quality materials, but the temperature of the light a bit above.

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