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e cigarette refills Customers Reviews

  • Great product

    posted by fredfmf

    Seems tough, good smoke, easy to charge and it is longer than the other models.
    Overall, I recommend the product. It will help you quit smoking even if you use the charges with nicotine. And the best part is that you can smoke anywhere. They should sell only the atomizer part for replacement.
    Very good! You should try it!
  • good product!

    posted by christertheman

    Very nice product thats does whats is suposed to!Feels like you smoke an real cigarette and you can use it any place, eaven inside..
    All in all I think this product is well spent money, its cheap!!! Here one 20-pac of smokes cost 15 dollars, another reason to quit smoking.If you have a smart phone, dowload a free app to motivate you, a winner when you use this electronic cigarette..
    This product is perfect if you want to quit smoking!-Save your health-Save money
  • Stop Work

    posted by nivarcjr

    Cheep and easy to use. People get very impressed by the smoke without harm and the bad smells.
    Cool to showing off.
    I think this product should be investigate by the health department. I'm not sure, but when I breath the smoke, it may be harmfull to healt. As a I've said at the bottomline, a friend of mine and myself got sick after uses it for a while. I don't know if the product has caused this, but is better to take care of it.
    A friend of mine bought this product and after he uses it for a while, he got a flu and cofs around.
  • One of my best buys!

    posted by guitng

    Great packaging very similar to a common stack.You can disguise in a pack of conventional cigarettes.Recharge at any power outlet, has led that notifies you when charging is complete.Really a great product cost and benefit.
    You are helping me a lot to kick the habit of smoking.It is a great product, perfect!
    I recommend to all who are in doubt whether or not to adapt to e-cig.
  • Decent

    posted by Verrox

    It does the job without the hassle.It's great for that extra e-cig that you want to take with you to parties etc.
    Perfect ninja-e-cigarette becouse off the colouring.
    A cheap extra e-cig for a cheap buck, if you need it it's there for you.

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