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  • Good Quality, nice features

    posted by Krepik

    GSP, G sensor, good resolution nice features
    The cam is working perfect just the software could be better one, or updated so its possible to use it on dual screen computers. Also software for MacOS would be beneficial. GPS sensor is getting good signal, but it could be more precise. The powering of the cam is working either directly to the cam or trough the window holder, just with the window holder you must use the delivered cigaret charger. If you use only USB if you have it in car, you can power only the cam directly.
    Good invest for safety.
  • too expensive for a similar product

    posted by konus81

    Very compact device. Very comfortable to use, good quality video resolution and build quality.
    Two minuts of record in resolution 1920 x 1080 takes about 150 Mb
    Too expensive for a similar product. GPS module is not useful.
  • Great DVR

    posted by DrAnaloog

    Really great DVR. The video quality is perfect and sharp. You can read the licence plates from other cars with ease. Camera holder with 3M tape is nicely small and does not take any room in windshield, like the usual suction systems, where the most biggest thing on the windshield, is the holder. But not with that dvr. Packing quality is good. Nicely fit in the box filled with foam-mat.
    DX should sell separately DVR holders, the same type what came with this camera. Also, I could not find any info from the internet, manual or in dx, that what GPS I have to buy, or where can I get it, to connect with the DVR.
    Good DVR. Not so good price
  • Great item, but mount and hot shoe spoil overall build quality

    posted by Igoras

    -- Great lens, it is quite sharp and it's extremely wide, the view is limited by windshield (and it's quite big in my car). Not sure if that's 178 degrees, but it's more than 160 for sure.-- Day/night switch may not be that useful, but it is mounted and it switches the IR filter on and off-- Quite fast GPS catch-up, about 1 minute from "cold" state, about few seconds in "hot" state. Speed ratings update on the video is quite stable as well, it shows 0 in 3-4 seconds after i actually stop from ~50-60 km/h-- Video recording quality is good in daylight and average in night time, recording bitrate is 13 Mbit/s.
    -- In daylight I can read the license plates of the cars moving in opposite direction (both having ~50 km/h), night videos are smoother, I can read the plates only if the cars are moving the same direction and speed differs not more than 10 km/h. In a really low-light conditions (road with no lanterns) it just records what you actually see - black night, some light spots, a spot of your car's light and road signs.-- For the proper mount: you need to put the ring in lock position, rotate the sucker to "fully locked" by hand first, then rotate the locker ring to "unlock" carefully (check that the sucker doesn't rotate but moves up and down only) and mount to the windshield.-- Regarding the hot shoe: now I'm using the "standard" usb cable directly to DVR in car, but have to select the mode and press record every time. This way it works great for hours without any battery discharge.-- IR leds make no sense in the car. But it's ok to shoot in dark room wi
    The device is pretty great for it's money if we consider it's main purpose to record the videos.But you need to forget about the hot shoe feature - it doesn't work. Now i'm thinking about some custom-made "durable" replacement for this hot shoe, even losing the ability to dismount the DVR fast.

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