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dvi to vga Customers Reviews

  • This product can convert DVI-D to VGA!!

    posted by Mizuho

    Great product! It can convert DVI-D to VGA. (Not only DVI-I)Now, I can connect between Projectors and DVI-D only video card.
    There are many HDMI to VGA converters. but DVI-D to VGA isn't.I'm looking for very long time like this.
    excellent gadget. but expensive a little.recently, almost Video cards have HDMI or Display Port. so the people who need this product may not many. but this is rare and important function.
  • It werks

    posted by Guzzet

    It's really neat, no sharp edges whatsoever.The connectors may be gold plated, they look golden but it may also be brass.
    It's the cheapest alternative of this, I think. It feels kind of cheap, but it's a thing you plug in and then never move again, so it's not that big of an issue.
    The best thing about it is the price, it's really worth the 2.60 it costs and it's not a big issue to use.
  • Great cable for using 2 monitors

    posted by zav

    could be cheaper, but it´s ok price. The pro is only one, as it should... it works! it´s the only cable I found here, that DVI connector fits into my onboard video card dvi connector.
    I bought this cable to have a secondary monitor on a older pc. I use this cable to attach monitor 2 into mainboard video card, and the other monitor is attached to ati video card. both monitors are the same (2 aoc 21,5"), desktop extended function works fine.
    it was a good buy for the price I paid, it works as it should, and solved my 2nd monitor problem. I would buy it again if needed, or if this one breaks.
  • Works as expected.

    posted by Nekorin

    - Works as expected, without a hitch.
    - Solid casing
    Check if your card has the 5 pins! I originally bought this for my onboard video, which didn't have the 5 pin, luckily my graphic card accepted it.
    I was pretty stoked finding this on DX. DVI-VGA M-F adapters were selling at a local store for $30 CAD.
    Grab one if you need one. Remember to check if it has the right amount of pins.
  • Good

    posted by vwurzel

    - Easy install (fácil instalação)- Dont need another power supply (Não necessita outra fonte de energia além da USB)- Makes the promissed (Faz o prometido)
    It’s very good for a second (or third...) monitor, but not how our principal monitor. (É ótimo para um segundo ou terceiro monitor, mas não para seu monitor principal)

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