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You can buy cheap dvi cable length from us. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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dvi cable length Customers Reviews

  • Nice cable!

    posted by Saiyajin

    This cable doesn't lack build. It's high quality and go above usually whats comes bundle with your devices. gold plated plugs just make it perfect. good thing the plugs is'nt huge too so connecting is a snap.
    These come in clear plastic bag. No more.what else to say...you get what you see on the picture - Nice cable.
    If you need such cable for your computer it's a "must have" item. Get it! price tag is good.
  • Great for use, reliable

    posted by tansw90

    This is just it, works just like it said. Good value for money unlike those they sell at the apple store. get it if you want it! I bought mine for the Macbook Pro and it works like a charm
    i will buy again if mine goes missing or something. I feel they should maybe put what models of macbook this can be used for.
    great product, reliable, easy to use
  • good cord

    posted by Jonis58

    sheilded cord. i use mine for my PS3. my tv only has dvi conection because its a plasma and has no speakers built into it. dvi doesn't carry sound so this coord is perfect because i run my ps3 with tosslink. which in my opinion is far supperior. the cord itself should be ugly but its not.. the little design on it is acualy kinda nice
    perfect for people with ps3's and dvi connection
    get one you never know when you well need it
  • Great cable

    posted by Stewzor

    Very very sturdy. The build quality is great. It might even feel like an overkill. Really, for this price, you will not regret it.
    Supports 1080p.
    If your monitor is right next to or above your computer, 1.8 meter might be a little too long.
    If your monitor and video card support HDMI, I recommend that you get an HDMI cable instead. DVI and HDMI are essentially the same. They both transmit a digital signal and they are based on similar specifications. Simply put : You won't see a different in image quality between HDMI and DVI.
    The thing is, HDMI cables are much more practical than DVI cables. The plug on DVI cables is bigger and requires you to screw them on the monitor/computer and the cable is also much bigger.
    Save yourself the hassle of handling DVI cables and get a HDMI cable instead.
    (I have a white Sony HDMI cable sold by DX and they are great.)
    I bought this over 2 years ago and still use it today.
    I really don't see it breaking anytime soon.
    If you are looking for a DVI cable, hesitate no more. Buy this.
  • Sharkoo

    posted by Sharkoo

    Perfect cable, no imperfections. Fits every device and TVs well. Gold-plated, sleeving is real good. Image quality is perfect as HDMI carries digital signals.-Very cheap...-Very good-Very good quality-Very good price-Very usefulness if you need this cable
    Nice golden conectors on DVI and HDMI..
    f you need one of these types (usually for HD ) just get it. Great cable, great quality and very very very great price!


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