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dvb-t fm Customers Reviews

  • Nice TV Tuner SET

    posted by m80116

    Works as advertised. TV quality is very good. Software is also good. Praised as having a stand alone TV thanks to the antenna entry. Has a handy remote control.
    It is a really welcome addition to your laptop set, enables you to watch TV easily when you are camping with the included antenna, and use a stadard one when you have the jack at your disposal
    Buy with no reserve, it is a really good product.
  • I got this gadget for ADS-B receiving and it does the job very well.

    posted by vadimder

    I got this gadget for ADS-B receiving and it does the job very well. Very simple to get working as an ADS-B receiver for RadarSpotting. The included antenna works ok for the frequency needed (1090.00Mhz) certainly enough to get you going if you want to try out the hobby. The alternate driver software found on the web works great and runs the device just fine.
    I followed the guides on FlightRadar24.com (http://www.flightradar24.com/dvbt-stick) and the PlanePlotter software site and things worked perfectly.
    Definitely a buy for this cheap price. Works great for Software Defined Radio. If you want to give radar spotting a try this is the perfect device to do that.
  • TV tuner for DIY

    posted by Vsrs235

    TV tuner for DIY. Contains realtek RTL283U, which allows its use as a universal receiver for certain radio frequency bands. Good manufacturing printed circuit boards, components soldered smoothly. Build quality is good. The plastic is pleasant to the touch. Includes antenna for tsifroyh channels. It comes with software for the reception of television channels, the software is translated into many languages ??inostranyh.
    Need more quality and more versatile antenna connector for the antenna.
    A good and inexpensive device for people who receive various radio programs.
  • cheap RTL2832U chip

    posted by RoboW

    - perfect for SDR, driver for dvb-t is installed automatically under ubuntu, for sdr usage is the driver easy to install- perfect for diy projects, case is easy to open- stable antenna connector
    blue power LED is very bright
    Cheapest RTL2832U Chip I found, works fine as SDR. But don't expect many extra features, that other TV-Sticks have
  • Great for SDR

    posted by deanrock

    Really great tuner for software-defined radio purposes and also for watching TV.It works with every SDR software I have tried under Windows 7. I couldn't get it to work with Windows 8 RP, but it works fine under VirtualBox.
    Great and cheap product for SDR purposes.
    I would recommend it for DVB-T or SDR receiver. It's really plug'n'play device, and it's only downside is antenna.

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