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dvb-t digital tv receiver

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dvb-t digital tv receiver Customers Reviews

  • Works fine / many features

    posted by vliet

    - time shifting included;- plays avi / mpeg files;- works with srt files for subtitles;- creates ts files during recording;- multiple menu languages (en, du, de, fr, es).
    recording and time shifting demands usb device with high(er) write speed.Standard usb stick can be used, but message 'writing speed to low' can appear.Perhaps a micro-disc will work
    Cheap an usefull 'media center' and digital tuner.
  • Works perfectly with my pc aditional monitor

    posted by urighetto

    Works perfectly with my pc aditional monitor. Now I can view tv in my pc monitor!. Comes with remote control and a small antenna that is usefull if reaches good tv signal where you are. I am using that antenna, sometimes I have to move it trying to find better signal depending on channels I want to view. But it have a standard antenna plug so you can use any better and bigger antenna with it if is needed.You can record TV programs plugging a usb memory stick, you also can see media that is previously recorded in the usb memory stick.
    If you want you can purchase a vga signal switch (I'd done it), and an other vga data cable and then you have always all plugged to the monitor. So then you only have to pitch a button for switching between Tv or Pc.
    For me it works perfectly. It's just what I was looking for. Now I have a Tv where I had only a Pc monitor.
  • DVB tuner for a linux PC

    posted by cerex71

    I bought this DVB tuner adapter for my RaspberryPI (with XBMC or OpenElec) and develope a cheap solution to have a DVB compatible tuner. I test it with Win7, Mint and Ubuntu with great result. Works fine with good sensibility. You can record your favourite TVshow even in high definition. The remote control is essential, with only the basic functions, but it works well.
    The supplied software is only Windows and there's a license on the CD. With linux you've to try with many SW to find a compatible one. I hope the remote control does not break right away, it seemed very fragile!
    A good product with good price!
  • The best product available for this

    posted by haoluo

    This is perfect. The main reason I got this as my friend got this same one and he said the supplied antenna was so good I would not need to connect an external one. So it works great. Use windows media center for a better experience although the supplied software works fine too.Also it does not take a lot of memory. With 2gb ram I have my firefox open and browsing the internet smoothly while tv is playing next to it smoothly too.
    Antennae supplied is great.
    This is a great product. I believe it is the best in the market for what it does as the antennae is very sensitive and has a good signal quality and strength so avoids the use of an external big uhf antennaes. It is very cheap compared to some of the other products for dvbt and it does a better job than them!!!.
  • Cheap SDR stick

    posted by rad200

    Comes with R820T tuner, good range as in datasheet. Sensitivity is comparable to E4000 tuner based on use, though I have no proper equipment to verify it.
    Value for money if you don't mind the quality of the case.
    Will recommend this product and will buy again for SDR use.

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