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dvb-t digital antenna

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dvb-t digital antenna Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by mverdu

    Very good quality-price relation. The quality is better than what I expected. It works better than my old one.
    Perfect for replacing my broken antenna. It works better than my old antenna (cable was broken for moving it outside the window many times). Some times I had to put outside the window my old antenna. This one works inside by the moment, even with the window closed and roller blind down .
    Perfect for my location. Very good quality-price relation.
  • TV tuner for DIY

    posted by Vsrs235

    TV tuner for DIY. Contains realtek RTL283U, which allows its use as a universal receiver for certain radio frequency bands. Good manufacturing printed circuit boards, components soldered smoothly. Build quality is good. The plastic is pleasant to the touch. Includes antenna for tsifroyh channels. It comes with software for the reception of television channels, the software is translated into many languages ??inostranyh.
    Need more quality and more versatile antenna connector for the antenna.
    A good and inexpensive device for people who receive various radio programs.
  • Cheap and useful. It works properly

    posted by Sparkster84

    It's very cheap, and the cable is very long. Therefore, you can hang it wherever you want to get the best possible signal reception.
    The plug isn't as tight as I would like to, but it fits properly.
    Cheap and useful. It works with the limitations of this kind of antenna, but that's just because of the kind of antenna. The quality is OK.
  • good replacement antenna for your dvb-t tuner

    posted by kojika

    it has a better db gain than the standards antennas that come shipped with the dvb-t tuners and therefore you might get to watch some channels you couldn't before
    it works with every dvb-t sold on dealextreme
    it has a magnetized bottom
    it is not as powerful as a standard house antenna but it has a great gain and it really helps
    if you dont have a good reception and you want to try and improve it without spending much this is your call
    it works fine and with the magnetized bottom you can attach it to any metallic surface for even better reception
    if you want to improve your signal quality and reception you might try this since it worked for me
  • good value for money

    posted by dracky

    Plugged this into my 32 inch sony full hd lcd tv... the digital tv channels are crystal clear and it does not matter where i placed the antenna. The magnet base is strong and holds well to metal surfaces. Overall it is a good value for money buy!
    if you are using as antenna for digital tv and not analog, its a great deal :)
    good value for money!

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