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  • Very good camera for water sports

    posted by chipeek

    H264 video format1280x70 - 60fps very goodCan be directly connected to TV (buttons serves then as a remote controller and TV is a display) or computer (mass storage)Charging via USB (USB charger included and you can buy an adapter to your car)
    Built-in accumulator - cannot be replaced (but there probably isn't another solution)The lens are small therefore the accidental water drops are bigger (I read something about elliminating them using a toothpaste but have not tested it yet)The output video is dark and the lens have barrel distortion but this can be also easily corrected.
    Very good camera for the price. The output videos are comparable to GoPro (are worse, of course, but not much). If i lost it, i will definitely buy exactly the same type.
  • Great stuff

    posted by Elkosi

    -Good price comparing to other marks.-good quality,-parts made of solid aluminium-works well even with light cameras- big range of configuration for different devices, like dslr or light camcorders-comes in a quite nice bag
    Maybe the plastic part could be made of aluminium too, but right now i dont see any problems with that.
    If you wondering to buy this stabilizer or "original" one for 6 time more cash - you're wasting time. Get it - works realy well. You can check my video - my first try but it looks nice.
  • Amazing camara , great price, a must have for an adventurer

    posted by pipedos

    Great wide angle lenses 140 degrees amazing video quality and just the right size to take it to your most desired adventure, easy setup and diferent modes allowed to take pictures and record audio.Great alternative for a budget.
    good alternative for underwater shooting , snorkelling , swimming and motor sports.
    A must have if you like to shoot your adventures HD at a reasonable price.
  • Great light for the price

    posted by MorningManiac

    - It is quite powerful- You can dim it to the strength that you need- comes with 3 filters: orange, white, purple- accepts several kinds of batteries including aa's- reasonable build quality for this price
    It's a light, it works and on a single battery I can run it at least for 3 hours. I would recommend using one of the non AA battery options. Chargers and 3rd party batteries can be found quite cheaply over here at dx.com as well.
    Good light, good price, I would recommend this to a friend.
  • Great product, does exactly what is says

    posted by YeahBoiii

    The Steady cam does exactly what its supposedto do. So far i have not found fult with it and it isstill going strong. Pro's~The whole thing is metal~Gives you plenty of counter weights~Strong build and will not easily break~Gyroscope was well balanced~Works well with GO PRO~Works excellent with SLR~Works well with standard Hand held cam~So far everything works exactly as its supposed to so 10/10
    I have done a lot of filming with this and the only thing i can say after months of using it. Their not easy to use, You have to get used to it because it is definitely a different style of filming and takes some handling.
    Is a great and compact steady cam. Works a lot better with a SLR then a GOPRO so after use i would not use it so much for a GOPRO but more a handy cam or an SLR. The Gyroscope is well balanced and can definitely hold its weight. The metal framing is very nice and hold together well, it gives a very sturdy feel. I have dropped it once or twice and have not noticed any marks or scratches yet. So very good for the price and would recommend it for a beginner or someone who knows what they are doing. Its a perfect steady cam to learn on and offers everything it says. 10/10

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