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dust cleaner Customers Reviews

  • Wow impressive

    posted by Ranged

    Priced under four bucks.
    Blow the dust away from camera lenses of computer fans....................................
    Well built,does not take much space at all. Handy to have around. It will fit camera bag if you detach the 3 parts of it.
  • You squeeze, it blows

    posted by KickassKev

    - soft- easy to squeeze- comfortable in large hands- air pressure is sufficiently strong to get most dust particles dislodged- compact- intake hole at the rear, so less prone to sucking up the dust it just blew off
    Keeps junk off my lens and filters, so I'm happy. Fits easily in my camera bag, although with the nozzle it does take up some room.
    Cheaper than most manual air blower bulbs that I found online. A perfectly good buy, since it blows.
  • Greeeeeeeeaaatttttt!!!

    posted by Tmoura88

    Great product, this helps a lot to clear my eletronics. (camera, console, fans and other eletronics). The led light is a good plus and helps a lot. Very easy to use. The price is good, here this is cheap but in my country the product price is around U$15 (3x more) and has the same quality. (same item too )
    If you need clear eletronics (cams, fan and other similar) buy this you will no regret)
    Very easy to use, cheap and will help you alot with cam lens, fan and other similar products.
  • Great Air blower

    posted by jacivico

    It's CheapEasy to useBig tube to use in deep holesWe clean the sensor of the camera in two seconds.No weird smell.
    Great Air blower, but maybe other colors.... black would be Ok. Better than this red.
    Rapid cleaning for your camera lens o camera sensor.You can clean the sensor of your camera in two seconds.Buy it and you will take cleaner pictures :-)
  • Pump tschika pump

    posted by Mattara

    This is a quality item. Works like a charm. A must if you like blowing very small things like bits of dust around.Air intake is a separate hole in the other end of the pump, so likely the dust will not get sucked inside the pump.Good for cleaning camera and optics, useless for filling car tyres.
    Other thoughts? Other thoughts? I mean really, what kind of thoughts would a simple air pump give to anybody? My mind is blank.
    Works, I can recommend this item to all in need of a blow.

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