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Every single dual usb adapter displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We recommend ipad usb adapter, usb network adapter as hot products. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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dual usb adapter Customers Reviews

  • Works Fast and perfectly well!

    posted by RenanAz

    Very light, fast and has no bezel! When you put it in the Express slot it blends in with the notebook and is almost invisible! Speed tested + 120MB/s read and +80MB/s right speeds!
    Good solution if you have a notebook that supports 3.0 but does not have the USB slot.Driver not always recognized but very easy to download! It uses the RENESAS controller! Just search on Google and voilá!
    Good product. Speed is great! Beeing discrete, with no outer bezel is another good point. Remember to hold the card when pulling your USB cable, otherwise it will most likely come out.
  • Easy to use

    posted by indianblood

    Good product good capacity. Gives my 2000 mah phone greater than 3 full recharges. The extra port helps to share with friends.
    quiet usefull especially when on the move.
    If u need something to keep charged when away this is it.. i wont gaurantee more than 3-4 full recharges though.
  • Good cable, but no iPhone charging

    posted by Jeron1mo

    Low cost. Good building quality. Great for mounting on a motorcycle. Cables are not too long,so for mounting on motorcycle they are good!
    It will charge other phones.Please put in the remarkes it it not suitable for iphones.
    Great cable of you do not want to charge a iPhone with it.
  • Charge two devices without taking up the outlet

    posted by Endurance

    How many of you have resorted to putting a powerstrip in your kitchen so you can charge more than one electronic device at a time? Seriously, I now have a piece of counter space back that used to be a powerstrip so I could charge my phone and ipod at the same time. Life is better now.
    Works like it should, 100% reliable for over four months now. Simple design that also travels well. I ended up buying an extra one for the office.
    Travels well, works reliably, simple design and does what it says it does. What more can you want from a simple device like this?
  • one of the essential thing in my car

    posted by Goverla

    1) two DC sockets and two USB ports2) price is nice3) a construction (ability to rotate)4) availability a indicator light5) design and compactness device
    All optimally and necessary in one adapter, nothing to add.Very useful availability USB ports, as it greatly extends the use of the device and allows you to connect other devices(phones).
    Solved the problem with electrical power for the GPS-Navigator and DVR in my car. And I can still connect to other devices via USB ports.

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