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Check out the great dual sim phones to see if there is any that suits you. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. If you want to find more dual sim phones related products, you can find them by browsing dual sim adapter, dual sim tablet. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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dual sim phones Customers Reviews

  • Worth the price!

    posted by DeXNeRD

    I am in need for the 3G dual sim and last long battery. Since, I have been in pain with all dual sim 4.3 screen phones I bought from DX because the battery would last in just a half day. I played a risk to buy this phone because I spent so much time trying to compare all physical battery sizes in DX and I found that this is the largest size based on MTK6575 1 GHz. (regardless what capacity have been claimed).The result for a day owned, 6 hours in normal operation use , making calls, 3G online for search and chat, from 100% level, it has reduced to 65%. Only 35% drops! It is quite impressive and it is enough to be recharged again during the night time. This is what I need
    1 GHz CPU has made all application running smoothly. It does really have 4 GB ROM!
    Worth the price and I might buy another one.
  • Good smartphone a little overpriced

    posted by pashte

    Good looking phone, good signal on both SIM cards, 3G speed internet connection. Strong materials and lightweight.
    Its a pretty phone, good screen and signal, good battery life.
    May be a little overpriced. May be because its a Lenovo phone. You can find another phone with similar features at less price.But in the end is a good phone and I have a lot of fun using it.
  • Reasonable

    posted by SlugSlinger

    - It as a good price-quality relationship with good specs - A reasonable camera 5 mega-pixel with flash, one in the front (not so good quality) flash- Large screen - The phone feels nice to touch- Comes with a case and a screen protector
    If you want too make a cheap upgrade to your cellphone and get a phone with 4.0 with some reasonable specs this is for you, but if you want to play 3D games it's better to get another ZTE with a Nvidia tegra.
    If you want too make a cheap upgrade to your cellphone and get a phone with 4.0 with some reasonable specs this is for you, but if you want to play 3D games it's better to get another ZTE with a Nvidia tegra.
  • Great phone!

    posted by matkojun

    -VERY light, i still thing i'll drop it somewhere :)
    -screen quality is great, diagonal size of visible screen is 5,2cm (5,5cm with shortcuts) so 176x220 resolution fits perfect (bigger screen would be bad beacuse you would see pixels)
    -overall sound (both ringtones and speach) is excellent, it's crystal clear and never goes to clipping
    -touchscreen works flawlessly
    -the operating system is really fast and seems quite stable (it never freezed on me)
    -Music player is something that made me VERY happy, you can put it in background and do other stuff (song title will scroll on your 'idle' screen), you can make your playlist that cell phone automatically stores to your microSD card, it has equalizer function (pop,rock,bass,dance...) etc.
    -cell phone recognized my friends 8GB microSD card without any problems :)
    -Handwriting works good
    -you can charge it via USB
    -Camera is not that bad as everyone is saying. It's normal VGA (0.3M) camera that functions within it's limitations. Pictures taken with it (once you set screen quality to high and resolution to 640x480) are quite ok. Camera doesn't like dark places.
    It's a great (actually awesome) phone. Why? because for this price in my country you'd get mobile phone locked to one operator with 1" screen, no camera, no music player etc. etc. Cons i mentioned aren't really cons for me. Battery life doesn't bother me that much (since i can charge the cellphone anywhere via USB), only thing that really bothered me was very bad (VERY BAD) earphones but i solved that problem by exchanging supplied earplugs with better ones).
  • Chinese phone

    posted by zulusbg

    Chinese phoneGood phone after re flashing Integrated Google Play you can install Skype Viber Line Whatsapp Youtube plays smooth on better WIFI
    Good phone for the money you pay screen is good
    great phone for this money

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