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dual sim card Customers Reviews

  • It works

    posted by romulopericles

    It works.Kinda of ok on finishment.Too simple to use, like a stapler or puncher.
    Keeps the original SIM after cut, can be used on both types of slots.Could be sharper, enough for clean for a clean cut.
    It works.Kinda of ok finishment.Need some sanding on the SIM after work.Fits on the iPhone spot.
  • Impressed

    posted by kaltuzak

    I am really impressed with this. I didn't expect would work so fine, since I bought an older version from local market and didn't have the same sucess.It's working on my galaxy S2 with ICS installed. One chip is 3g and the other for calls. Just wait for the time to alternate the chips on chip menu and is good to go.
    The material is very light, just take care not to break it, and I don't see how could be better than this.
    That's a valid alternative to carry two chips on your one chip cellphone.Works flawlessly on my GS2, I have no complains.
  • Doesn't work with 3G

    posted by Vladiq75

    You really can use two sim cards in your iphone 4s, but second SIM card must be "full size" - inner card - microsim. Secind - standart sim
    Switch time - like 30 seconds
    Good for normal operator, but if some problem with 3G - useless
  • no more scissor sim cutting!

    posted by nosklo

    This cuts the sim card in the exact place, you can produce micro sims and nano sims. No more scissors! You'll be assured to have the sim card in the correct size and working fine. You still get to extract the frame around the smaller sim, so you can use it as adapter to fit it back into the larger slot!
    Cuts the sim and produces adapters, very good, I cut all sims now just for the sake of it
    You can't get better for the price, you know you'll need it sooner or later, so just buy it!

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