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dual sided Customers Reviews

  • Not perfect, but good value and it works.

    posted by cflee

    - Comes packaged in a cardboard box, containing a plastic holder box- Two sides, 10x-18mm and 20x-12mm- Hinge to swing out the lenses feels solid, unlikely to break- Machining is done well, no unexpectedly sharp edges. Feels solid.
    - I can't verify the magnification ratios, but there's definitely a difference between the 10x and 20x side.
    - For the price, the cons are worth it. - Would recommend to others.
  • excellent magnifier

    posted by kotare

    Very solidly built. Great piece of equipment.Better that I expected. And the price is unbeatable. I can't imagine you will find better. I use it for jewellery work, and the Ultra Violet comes in very handy for this work.
    Nothing much else to say. Don't hesitate, buy it. You won't regret it.
    Just buy it. It's cheap, well made, and extremely useful. I will definitely buy more.

    posted by bratescu1

    Very Large Reflector.People underestimate the importance of the size of a reflector.The larger the reflector the softer the light.This product came quite fast to Eastern Europe - within 3 weeks.
    It's HUGE!The colors and everything else seem OK.It's just a reflector and a light softener.Price may be a little high but considering the size of it it feels within acceptable range.The zipper on the side of the bag may not last too long. I have the feeling it's too cheap plastic.We will see in time...
    BUY IT!Don't bother going for the smaller version of it. This is a very High Quality product despite very small things.
  • Every person with a mic should use one...

    posted by seoanekari

    It works fine. Comparing my vocal recordings before and after, you can tell the difference with the absence of those annoying vocal pops. It clamps onto any mic stand and you can contort it the way you want.
    I have been into audio recording for a while now, and always wanted to get a pop filter, but never did. Always looked at the and said, how does that make a different. Well I finally opted for the Nady MPF-6, as it seemed like the name was well known and there was positive reviews. So let me say that Im sorry I have not bought this sooner. It really works well, it still passes very good quality of your voice, and any words that have that blowing effect is not picked up. In general it will cut down about 70% of any words that generally cause a spike in the wave form to be normal. It will make for much easier post editing. The gooseneck design is sturdy, the clamp works excellent, used it on a Samson spider mount but clamp to most circular stands easily. I use it with a Samson CO1U microphone, very very please. One complaint is the screw that holds the gooseneck part to the clamp arm dep
    I didn't know much about pop filters except that I needed one. Having never shopped for one before I was unaware of the variety of types and quality. My local brick & mortar shop offered a 6 inch pop filter for $27 and it looked pretty simple. I paid about $13 for this one. The low price made me wonder what I would find in the box. I decided to try two different types of pop filter. After reading many product descriptions in this category I chose this Nady single screen type and a double screen type from Musicians Gear. I received this one first. When I opened the package, the screen mesh part of the filter fell out of its frame. I found that the frame could not be tightened enough to hold the screen mesh securely in place!! Not a good first impression. I made simple shims out of scissor cut pieces of rubber band and was able to reassemble the filter in a way that allowed it to stay together well. I figured for the price I got what I paid for. The gooseneck is substantial and holds
  • Perfectly packed

    posted by Melv1n

    The lens comes with all parts you need.Everything is packed in its own plastic bag! Don't worry about scratching the lens while shipping.The lens is easy to replace! Don't worry about it!
    I am not sure if I trust the black water resistant rings. I will use the originals. ^^ Get it while the price is down!
    Cheaper than buying a new GoPro Case. Doesn't matter if DX.com or GoPro.com ;)It's cheaper to replace a scratched lens than buying a new case.


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