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  • Great product overall for this price!

    posted by janerik86

    Light weight, practical, soft fabrics, and easy to use.And the cat likes it. See pic. :)
    Unsure on how to was this as i didn't find any note on what it's made of, as well as no washing instrictions...It's a very basic product, so not really a whole lot to say about it. But as long as the pet likes it, it's all good! :)
    Overall good. Perfect for a medium sized cat or a small dog. I'm not sure that a larger cat would fit very well in this, but cats tend to like thight spots to hide out and sleep, so if it's able to get in, i guess it could still do.
  • Perfectly packed

    posted by Melv1n

    The lens comes with all parts you need.Everything is packed in its own plastic bag! Don't worry about scratching the lens while shipping.The lens is easy to replace! Don't worry about it!
    I am not sure if I trust the black water resistant rings. I will use the originals. ^^ Get it while the price is down!
    Cheaper than buying a new GoPro Case. Doesn't matter if DX.com or GoPro.com ;)It's cheaper to replace a scratched lens than buying a new case.
  • Useful.

    posted by seoanekari

    It works fine.
    First of all, what it is, is a professional-quality pop filter for use with professional-quality microphones and professional-quality microphone stands. It works well with either a vertical stand or a boom stand (with the caveat that if you attach it to a boom stand, you can't retract the boom all the way because it's attached to the boom, and it's sort of heavy so you need to crank the boom tightness lever tighter than you normally would). If you have some non-professional microphone or non-professional microphone stand, do *not* expect it to work for you, because that's not what it is. It might work in that case, but no guarantees. As for how well it works: Pretty much as well as it could. It has two layers of material with a space between them so you have to be breathing like Darth Vader to get any kind of puff past it. The stalk has plenty of ability to be twisted to where you need it, and is stiff enough to not flop around. One aspect of this thing is its size -- it's big
    didn't know much about pop filters except that I needed one. Having never shopped for one before I was unaware of the variety of types and quality. My local brick & mortar shop offered a 6 inch pop filter for $27 and it looked pretty simple. I paid about $13 for this one. The low price made me wonder what I would find in the box. I decided to try two different types of pop filter. After reading many product descriptions in this category I chose this Nady single screen type and a double screen type from Musicians Gear. I received this one first. When I opened the package, the screen mesh part of the filter fell out of its frame. I found that the frame could not be tightened enough to hold the screen mesh securely in place!! Not a good first impression. I made simple shims out of scissor cut pieces of rubber band and was able to reassemble the filter in a way that allowed it to stay together well. I figured for the price I got what I paid for. The gooseneck is substantial and holds
  • Goot item with some weak points

    posted by vjalle

    -good optical design
    -good magnification
    If you want high magnification and narrow field of view, this item may be perfect for you. And you may be lucky, and even the little lens will be perfect.
    It is far better than my previous lupes.
    May be a little cheaper... Then I'd buy another one.
  • Decent

    posted by Aremeles

    -Warms up rather quickly;-Length of USB cable is good;-Removable USB cables are great, so my fiancee doesn't have to keep removing the gloves all the time;-Perfect for gaming, as it doesn't disrupts gameplay - wether you're using a GamePad or Keyboard/Mouse;
    Considering the fabric quality, this item should definitely be a bit cheaper.
    A decent hand warmer for gamers, internet users, writers, or anyone sitting next to a computer or with a laptop/notebook on the bed and sofa. Like I said in cons, the fabric is not of a good quality and therefore, you can tell that this product will not last long. Even though I believe it should be a tad cheaper, it is still a good deal.


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