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dual core hdmi Customers Reviews

  • A great device for a very good price

    posted by closeddoors1559

    + A huge library of apps (Play Store Included)+ User friendly+ It is snappy because of the Dual Core chip inside and Mali 400 Quad Core GPU+ Decent amount of RAM (1GB) + Can be used on any device with HDMI+ Can also be used for gaming+ Works with controllers+ Very portable and feels very solid (can be easily hidden too)
    This device is very solid and portable. My unit came preloaded with Android 4.2.2, which works very well. Animations look very fluid and it came out pretty well on benchmarking apps too. The status bar includes standard Android controls, but this one also includes buttons for sound volume, taking screenshots, powering down the device and hiding the status bar, which is very nice (the status bar reappears when putting the cursor to where the status bar would be, clicking and holding while sliding up and then releasing the button). I thought I'd flash another ROM to the MK808B when it arrives, but it worked way too well out of the box for that to happen. It even works with Photoshop Touch for doing some photo editing, which proves the usability of this device.
    I’d recommend this device to everyone who wants to use their telly as a Smart TV. Because, you know, real Smart TVs are ridiculously expensive for what they do (and what they don’t do), and they won’t work as well as these Android sticks. Some people even ask if my TV is a Smart TV, but when telling them what’s behind it and, more importantly, how cheap it is, they’re impressed.
  • A very nice tablet for the price!

    posted by Snille

    A good product for the money, good battery life and quite a responsive screen. USB Host is a nice feature. Can be loaded with USB as well as the included 5v adapter.
    It's a bit heavy and gets a bit hot when watching movies. Other the that it's a great tablet and well worth the money.
    Totally worth the money I paid for it. I had low expectations of the whole thing. But it was way better then I expected.
  • Great value

    posted by jjpuerto

    Obviously, the price is the major advantage. The design is OK and so are the buttons and connectors, all of which are located on the right-hand side. The bezel has a nice metallic feel and look to it. Rooting was a breeze. The tablet charges on its USB connector and my computer (W7 x64) recognized the device immediately and installed all necessary drivers. The weight of the tablet makes it comfortable to hold with one or two hands (neither light nor heavy). Comes with screensaver installed and ready to peel off. The packaging is sturdy. I benchmarked over 11.000 on Antutu. No weird Chinese app's installed. It came with PlayStore and a few games preinstalled including Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. The tablet came with its battery charged up to 96%. Battery life seems to be OK.
    You get what you pay for. If you are planning on getting a cheap 10.1" tablet to read books, browse the internet and do some gaming this is a great choice. For those people who don't care about 3G or bluetooth this is your tablet. I haven't had any problems with any games. It seems like A20/Mali400 tablets lack custom ROM's but maybe some will soon be available.
    Cheap tablet for the average consumer.
  • Awesome

    posted by RichardDiNozzo

    It's very easy to use, for a non expert too.Plays every type of file you can imagine.Android always a plus for me, in every kind of product.Wi-Fi works perfectly, every time i want to go to a site.Handles websites well, actually the basic internet program is faster than the Chrome one.
    I just love to use it, works perfectly.
    If you want a cheap media player for your TV, this is the one.
  • Nice little Android box

    posted by Jakester519

    Finally an Android TV box with an ON/OFF power button. Android 4.2.2 installed and works well. The dual core processor is speedy and handles pretty much anything thrown at it including 3D videos and so far it doesn't seem to be heating up as much as other TV boxes.
    Works straight out of the box, no need to install PlayStore. Does not accept FlashPlayer due to it's operating system, but there are many video players out there as a substitute.
    Cheap Android TV box that works well, but it is best to buy another remote to use with it.


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