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dual core android phones Customers Reviews

  • Offers more than expected

    posted by Ruud0002

    For a cheap phone it has very good features.Dual Sim for a 50 euro phone is not something you will see every day. The screen is nice is size, sharp is detail and reacts very well to the touch. Build quality is good although you have to pry off the backcover to insert sims, mem card and battery and it makes an awfull cracking noise when opened.Calling being called is no problem sound is crisp and clear.
    The cover supplied with the phone is an universal cover which has to attach using double-sided tape. I had one occurance when I had charged the phone to 100% de phone deceided to go to 5% battery level without warning ( well the low battery warning sounded, very loud ) so had to recharge it again.
    For that amount of money you cannot go wrong with this phone.Ther might be some small issues ( mostly settings that i see in my tablet but not in this phone ) bt that may be due to some inexperience with smartphones.
  • Very nice phone for this price

    posted by Badre88

    Very nice phone. General quality is good, Wifi reception is exellent. Screen resolution is good & touch screen system is realy fast. All app that i have instaled work perfectly, (shazam, youtube, 2D and 3D games, weather apps, Sygic GPS, OBD apps like Torque, .....) DX's team & live chat is realy EXELLENT !!!
    -This phone have only 1.27Go ROM (not 4Go) i have opened ticket for this case, and i have received 12 USD refund :D
    -At this time i have make lot of purchases from lot of web stores in the world, and i can testify that DX.com is one of the most honnest on ligne stores !
  • I'm really satisfied with this product

    posted by hampic

    Good screen, fast reaction, everything works just fine.I use sms, calls, internet, youtube, calendar, application i've downloaded.Gives me no traubles.
    I know lots of people are afraid to purchase cheap no-name electronics.I've managed to overcome this fear and i'm glad.No need to pay hundreds of dollars just for the brand.
    Worth every dollar spent on it.Ordered another one for my friend.
  • Nice and cheap phone

    posted by dutch1

    Good looking screen 1080pFast and good graphicsScored the same as a htc one x on a benchmark test16 GB internal memory so you can store to 48 Gb on your phone wich is very handy
    Got cashback from dealextremegood service
    if you dont want to spend to much on a phone and you want a high end phone buy this one
  • Excellent phone!

    posted by BabyThomas

    The phone is well made. The display is excellent! Touch sensitive is very good, not like on some cheap clones. I've tried almost everything - every option is working OK!
    I really don't know what to put there, sorry!
    I definitely recommend this product! If I wasn't an Apple fanboy (and Google/CIA anti-fan) I would buy one for me. :)

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