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dual case Customers Reviews

  • A good bag

    posted by pgng8

    Good size and the bag fits well with my tablet 7".It can protect from dust and small impacts.Beautiful zipper and a good pattern drawn.
    This material appears to be resistant, but it is not too resistant. Just a foam to protect from small impacts.It could have a rope or some other thing like this to put a simple keychain.
    Anyway, this bag is good for the price. I'll buy another one for my sister.
  • Nice zipable transport case

    posted by absinthertp

    It seems to be well built.You can put 2 iPad (1,2,3) or 1 iPad and a keyboard.Actually, I've been able to place my iPad with it full smartcover on one side, my keyboard on the other. So this case is big enough to alow you to only carry one case while travelling.It seems to be ridgid enough, I'm pretty sure this will fairly protect the iPad.
    The material is amezingly well assembled, I was waiting for something way cheaper!
    If you are looking for a case that zips completly, this is the one you need, anyway, there is nothing else out there....
  • Great product!!!

    posted by vilibalt

    It simply does what it is supposed to do, without any problems or glitches. The USB cable is very pliable and easy to manipulate. The SATA to USB interface has two LEDs to indicate power supply and disc accessing. Even did a great job with a disk that had some problems when it was mounted in previous housing. The connection to my PC was very fast and uninterrupted.
    Be careful when inserting the disc in to the HDD protective case. It seems to get stuck 2/3 of the way in, but it is designed that way. Disc can’t fall out.
    Great value for money. Definitely will buy another when or if needed.
  • It came "dirty"

    posted by Ifits

    -It's a really nice cover-It doen't block the micro USB entrance-Nice build in quality
    I think is very useful to prevent scratches, it's not kind of those thin cases that doesn't protect a thing.
    For the price you pay, is a good product.
  • Great pouche/bag for your tablet

    posted by FLRNT

    Great quality, which is (for me) the most important,nice fabric, soft from the inside and outside and great look. It's easy to use and has a low price. Normal pouches are way more expensive.
    I recommend this pouche to everybody who needs a pouche or bag for his/her tablet. It looks good, great quality and the price is very low. Also, there are many different colors to chose.

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