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dual black car Customers Reviews

  • Pretty much exactly what it says it is

    posted by Gavers

    Small, good fit in most plugs I've tried, works well. No unusual quirks or buzzes. Charges devices in either plug (I didn't see a difference, though I didn't check the voltage or anything).
    Inexpensive, ok build quality and does exactly what it says it does.
    If you are looking for a 2 port usb power adapter, this fits the bill just right.
  • Great little LCD Display

    posted by rbroich

    Visible in direct sunlight,Tested with a 2S LiPo battery at 8V,Great for FPV RC flying,Good resolution compared to other screens,2 input channels
    A bit smaller and lighter than I expected
    Good product for a great price
  • Excellent Product!!!

    posted by benjaminshl

    Has several screws and pins to adjust the mount to a more comfortable view.Two USB ports work perfectly, excellent for charging your phone while using GPS and charge another USB device.Mount has adjustable claws that can support several devices.While not in use it's easy to store in the door side or in the glove compartment.Good product finish and product quality.
    Definitely recommend!
    Definitely recommend given the price and usefullness, worth every penny!
  • There is no speaker!! Only light.

    posted by pmbuyit

    One device for car and hotel. Two USB ports to use for load devices, output current measured surely 1A boths (my device will take not more). The charger has strong polyethene case, which is better than common used polystyrene - is almost unbreakable.
    Case looks as if it is not possible to open it - no screws or so, but is easy to open with a small sharp knife. There is a fuse in the case, so remember - if not working, try to open it.
    I bought it because of the speaker, so I was disappointed. But aside from this, it is a good device.
  • Very good product

    posted by McDrobec

    I am using it on my 1/10 buggy and it just works perfect. Beacause of cold weather outside I cant tell if it becomes warm or hot after use but I can tell you, that when I had my original speedcontroller in it it was much warmer then this one. Therefore I assume that it acn handle higher amps.
    Looks great the cooler fits much better than in my previous controller. Works just perfect right now, I am looking forward to see it in hotter summer, but from my experience with it until now it would probably work perfect.
    Best price I could find for such a good speedcontroller, you can even use it in boat after making it watter proof (using plasty dip, or like me sticking it in ballon and then close opening and around wires with hotgluegun)

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